Voice from within

 She talks to me,

                                          She tells me things she wouldn't tell others.

                                           Like how one day she will break free

                                           one day she won't need me.

                                           But she does need me.

Every day,

                                           she tries to get rid of me with

                                            her jagged little pills

                                           But I am stronger than her synthesized friends.

Without me

                                          she would seize to exist.

                                          In a world so cold that judges her every thought

                                          telling her that

She is nothing.


I am

                                                   her only escape

                                                   her best friend

the voice            

                                                  in the back of her mind.


                                               looks to me for solace,






                                                     all I offer her.

                                                     will she take it?

                                                     will she ever be...





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