My English 101 Poem About Me


“The instructor said,


Go home and write

a page tonight

And let that page come out of you---

Then, it will be true.”


People say writing about yourself is quite simple yet, I don’t think that is so true.

To bring out the real you?

In this socially infested world, just one post, can really change what you do.

Even making you think that you can’t pray upon a pew.


Yes, my hair is curly, probably some of the tightest curls you have ever seen,

Oh, did I tell you that I am quite tall and lean?

I have always wanted the long, beautiful, straight style with the flowers weaved in the hair,

but baby, I was born this way and I really shouldn’t care.


Grown and raised here in Phoenix, I could be known as a city girl

but, when I stayed on a small farm, back in 2008, that took me for a whirl.

On that trip, my mother, grandmother, and I made a pit stop in Chicago,

Oh by the way, one of my favorite foods, is avocado.


We went to the Bubba Gump diner nestled along the coastal Navy Pier,

I remember riding the largest Ferris Wheel in the United States, and I probably said oh dear!

The furthest I have travelled is to the Bahamas, when I went upon this magnificent ship,

and suddenly got sea sick just watching the waves dip.


The ocean water was so clear,

that coral would suddenly appear,

as we walked along the boardwalk in Nassau

Did I mention that I wanted to go into law?


My major has changed several times,

I have a seen a 5 day old decomposing body, which practically drew the line

Nursing seems right for me,

the description of the skills ones needs to be in Pediatrics fits me to a T.


Being a stay at home mother has always been a dream of mine,

but wouldn’t all this schooling and money be a waste of time?

I volunteer at Maricopa County Hospital and have completed over one hundred and fifty hours

That always reminds me of the song by Macklemore called Ten Thousand Hours.


Brownie, Cadette, Junior, Senior, and now an Ambassador Girl Scout

12 years of scouting is a lot to go about.

The Sunshine Closet was built and created by me at St. Joseph’s Hospital,

the closet which I still maintain and give it my 100% all.


I love helping those in need and who are just people like us,

just an ordinary person taking a city bus.

Everyone goes through these periods of where like the whole world is crashing down,

but that one little girls smile, as she receives a new dress for Christmas, looks like she was chosen for the crown.


By the way, I have met Justin Bieber and Carly Rae,

but it took eight hours of my sweet summertime to wait at bay for all of him to say was Hey.

I am half white and half black

my teeth were sure out of whack


These braces should be off before my Senior year

In which I am right now  trying to hold back a tear.

As I just told you a little bit about me,

I hope to learn a little bit about you, you see.


Isn’t it fair?

It really doesn’t matter about the clothes you wear,

who you are and who YOU are meant to be.

From this poem, I feel somewhat free.


This is my poem for English 101 about me.



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