Is world peace

Fought with a loaded piece

Am I supposed to live at ease

I’m asking the higher priest

but he aint got the answers 

seems like we like it this way

silence creates more violence

Why is more and more people dyin

You pleged to serve and protect 

so why is he left on the floor motionless

are people afraid to speak out

because you have a gun you think ima ease out

this is what I pray about

if we keep ourselves silenced

we become more frightened

im determained to be a voice

to be an earful

and at times controversial

because this is not a commercial

this is life and I decide to not live in silence no more

either shoot me with my hands up

or give this murdering innocent people act up

you're afraid of change

to you its strange that i came from the hood

and want to do something good

Atleast if I die my words will live on forever

while you'll be remembered

as the person who never did anything to make it better




This poem is about: 
Our world
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