It's time

I realize that now

I wasn’t ready before

Not like I thought I was

I was only forcing the inspiration

The urgency

The need

But that was only the preparation


Now it is real

As I have become more open

The experience

The reality

The thoughts that overshadowed it

No longer secrets or unmentioned screams

No longer journals of diary entries and buried poetry

They no longer have a mask to hide behind


I had fear before

Because it was so personal

I was scared to be so vulnerable

In front of strangers and judges

Who think I’m in it for attention

Just the attention


I am a storyteller

Looking for an audience

Attention is involved in there somewhere


But I am not asking you to sit and stare

Please just let me share

The urge is strong

The need is strong

Stronger than ever

I have heard the cries others

That just need to know

They are not alone


I know the feeling all to well

So even though the fear still lingers

I know I can't grasp it

Instead, I pray

That I don't go voiceless

And I break through all suppression

May those who need the words

Find them as they need them  


I should follow my own philosophy

Everyone has a story to tell

One that must be heard

I have encouraged others to listen and share

So I guess it is about time

I dust off the words I have written


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