This World

I hate how society makes you feel as if you were doomed to be alone

Never to fall in love in love, or if you were to fall it'd be from a soon hallow skull into a present hallow world

A world where it's every man for themselves, a world that will eat you out alive and spit you out dead

A sphere rotating around another and another around another, creating this effect that enables the uttermost bittersweet gift we call life

But if life is a girft why do we not act as though it is

We have parents burying their kids. Why is this? Who are we to take ones gift away from another?

To take a mans life is stealing a purpose. A voice. An ear. Resulting in years and years of pain and tears. Who hears their cry?

Humans are sympethetic beings but it seems to only be that way when somewhere down the line it's one of our grapes being plucked off that vine

I don't know where i'm going in this life but I know it's going to be someplace great!

I'm going out with a bang!

There's a greater purpose in life!

I know it!

There has to be!

Life can't just be about smoking weed, "counting trees", and getting what's between the knees

There's more! There has to be!

If this is it then show me to the door, I'll find a new purpose and I'll make my life worth it, not only mine but others who deserve it

When I leave I'm leaving behind a statement, a legacy

A message to those whose pen is scribling across their paper yearning for that one person to hear their cry but lack the courage so they erase it

Speak Up !

If you want peace!

Speak Up!

If you want love!

Speak Up!

If you want something greater in life

You can't be afraid, and i'm sorry if I offended any of you in hearing what I said 

My wishes are just that you put thought in what lies ahead because ...

This world will eat you alive and spit you out dead

 -Treane Patrick


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