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You keep trying to piss me off with the games that you play, But I don't think you realize who you are dealing with, and that I can go all day. You want to slam doors, and you think that I am going to go back and fourth with you,
THE WHITE PATH A white proud path On goal oriented  footpath Leader with white pearls Lifted heads as he turns
Neither from the blood, Running in your veins, Nor from your, Documented Nationality. You are an Indian only, If you can give everything for it.
I’ve traveled to many countries, Met people white black and brown, I’ve seen beautiful locales,
My body is a skyscraper Yeah you heard me right It’s 6 miles high and made of glass To stand out in the night   My body is a skyscraper  With legs of stainless steel Holding up my giant frame
Thoughts raced around my head Caring how people judge the way I am But the wasted energy was for me to only see The best thing to do is just be me  
I wasn't the smartest in class I wasn't the best on the team I sometimes came last At least that's how it seemed   I aimed to make you proud I hoped to see you smile
  they ask how i can know  for sure i like girls as if it is a question up for debate  like you would choose this life  just to experience the hate and the pressure and the pain 
  they ask how i can know  for sure i like girls as if it is a question up for debate  like you would choose this life  just to experience the hate and the pressure and the pain 
To follow the right path, I had to leave my old life I will come back Even though it was difficult to decide. I was scared Will you all be alright without me? I was prepared You will see
A disorder that's rare, diagnosed at age six. Causes fear to my family, oh God's little tricks. Brain tumors and pain, with surgeries to come. Eleven was my first, I have scars that are from.
Look at me with curiosity, why am I here, in such area? Look at me in disgust, why is my skin so dark unlike everyone else? Look at me in lust, as if my race is for pleasure.
I hate when someone gets bullied Even though I stay out of the arguments I have a personal exception  When people are bullied for being smart Often referring to them as nerds or punks
Unapologetically Me
Hi, my name is Kai and I am gender-fluid. Well, that's not what my birth certificate says But it's who I am nowadays. I enjoy living in my own fantasies. A place in my mind where I can be anything.
I will listen to society and I might cry at the words I hear, but I still do when she is wounded by her own sword And I will stand to say that I love her like a mother or sister
I am thankful for queer history. However hidden it has been. I am thankful for the great artists and engineers of the Renaissance. I am thankful for DaVinci and Michelangelo.
Nothing more what elese to say?  Have our days been counted? What to do but pray? I live a life of oppresion  And being brown is my obsession But how has my color helped me? 
It states in the Constitution, Our beloved document, That every man is equal. That the freedom of speech is a Basic Human Right.
I am proud of America. I am proud to live in a land of rights for all. I am proud to follow in the footsteps of those who came before.  
To be strong, To be powerful. To be young, And to be mighty. Land of the free, Home of the brave. America is beautiful,  
"How are you even here right now?" I got here by myself, my own merits and determination! "Yeah right! You Mexicans are what's wrong with this nation!"
Maine is ME I'm diverse. A bit of a rocky coastline.  Blistering cold yet Delighfully warm. Spontaneus and changing Like New England weather Unpredictable. Different from the others.
I believe that many say, time changes It molds, grows, shapes, scrapes, You  I, with tired limbs, heavy eyes, a crazy sleep schedule
depression hurtsmentally, physically, emotionallyfor me, writing cured.mentally, physically, emotionally
Risen up gracefully A halo on her head Aunt Sharen earns her golden wings Slowly fading into an eternal slumber in her bed Proud, Brave, Determined, I go on That's what she would've wanted
I’m tired of these white boys Saying I'm not “black enough” I “act white” and “talk white” So I don’t match their model     
This is for dark skinned girls who ain't as loved as their dark skinned counterparts This is for dark skinned girls who can only dream for the love they need from society
I am black, but, I am an American, yet, because of my color, you stab me in the back?   They tell me I speak too proper for a girl of my color, and that I could be mistaken as white,
My decisions My thoughts Built into bricks of a wall so high No god could topple me down My integrity My principles
My own silence most terrifies me While freedom is my savior We must close our eyes Rise above the noise And speak louder than blockades I need my voice to say no I need my voice in highs and lows
Black is phenomenal To the color of my skin,The texture of my hair,The eyes, I use to stare Black is phenomenal I am not light,But dark I am not pretty,But beautiful Black is phenomenal Black is creative,Black is BlackAnd if I had the chanceI woul
I am. I am AshleighOr so it says, I am from the Ash Tree.I am the thousands of words written in the darkness in hundreds of other poems, some just like thisI am the photos that plaster my walls 
I am BLACK ' I speak BLACK  I preach BLACK  I be BLACK  For under inevitable circumstances things take a turn for the worse  Why ? Because I am BLACK
What you see on the outside of me is a young freckled girl as confident as can be. She can stand and talk in front of people with ease, and take charge of situations in a breeze.
At age 6 the world is full of adventure and fun and you can make friends just because you have a Barbie Jeep and Daddy's always proud of you and one day you're going to be the  first person on Mars  
I hold a drawing up to you, it was really quite sloppy, but the grin on my face was rather silly.
The Liberty Bell ringing loud and clear Is the sound of independence Reminding me that I am free.   The red, white, and blue of Old Glory Waving in the wind Is a symbol of freedom
Yo soy Irma
Dear boy with the alluring smile, Thank you for taking away my trust once again:  
Each day it comes closer. It is becoming closer to the day that I am going to be an official adult. 
God made man God made woman
Imagine a world without filters Where people see you for who you really are Don't worry about hiding that scar Because that is a part of who you are Be happy with yourself and forget what others think
My nose is big  my hair is nappy  but more importantly Im Proud My parents are divorced and yea it may hurt But more importantly Im Proud Proud of my god given abilities
Like Martin King Luther Jr. I had a dream for us the people to be equal as one
 I grew up in the suburbs Always being told that I was different I grew up in the suburbs Always being told ways to change I grew up in the suburbs
No need for the things we think we require No need to think we don’t have enough The world around is ever changing And things may never be so rough
Listen O' ye weary traveler To my tale of Love and Death. This life is a cruel mistress,
Sincere, that's what people tell me. Because I'm honest, and I mean what I say.
Now I may not be that size small, medium or large, honey, I know, it.
WHO’S FLAWLESS? Flawless because I’m contempt with the person I am / becoming. Flawless because I’m eighteen proud and gay. I am the problematic child.
No filters there's a balance. Taking the happy with the bad Teaching myself there's more in life to be had I need some guidance in my hear, karma after dogmas looking to philosophies of the world
Wear your cown you've earned it Show you're pride is burning Let no one tear you down Show your colors to the crowd Walk your walk  Strut your stuff  Shout your talk Show them you're Tough
I am strong. I can stand tall and proud. I can tak care of myself. I can do anything. I can be anything. I can take on the world all on my own. I am an independent woman dammit.
Play Pretend Imagine: There is a girl standing by herself, observing her features and physical characteristics in a mirror.
There is one thing I can say That makes me who I am today My best quality things  Than can be physically seen  Thunder thighs   Because I am a runner
Imperfectly perfect My flaws make me flawless For my flaws are who I am and I don't give a damn You may see differently Maybe as boring or ugly But all I see is me Unique in everyway
We'll always remember our youth, our careless and reckless acts. We'll always remember our childish loves,
I love to drive around my old neighborhood
Feeling the flames on the side of my face; Smiling, laughing in this bustling space. I have found where I belong- All hopes are high. Nothing can go wrong. My arm burns from whipping. The eggs froth and foam,
Had I been born a pear, I would’ve lived a rotting life.
Does this dress make me look fat? How the hell does one answer that? It’s obviously a trick question. Answer only with discretion.
America land of the free
My love you have grown, my love you have shown, shown that you are fine without me.   My dear you stay sweet, my dear you're on your own two feet, experiencing a world without me.  
To some, everything comes naturally. Money, fame, is recieved upon birth. I am not one of those people. My parents are not famous, nor are they rich. We originate from Colombia, the land of Cocaine.
Who says what is perfect? Who says I am flawed? Oh, you? Well, here's what I say;   I say I am me, and that is all I can be.   I have scars across my skin
The world around me
My skin color may be black but I have a lot of colors that I don't lack like my pride I am proud of my rainbow But also I am considered a Rambo
Oily skin. Frizzy blonde hair. Pear-shaped body. Flat chest. Big feet. Labels we use every day.
I pity the fools who tried to rob me of my innocence, Of my hope for a society - For a world -  Where I'm not judged by the color of my skin or the mysterious voices I look to for guidance;
The people squirming Through each other Sprinting Pacing Chuckling Weeping Briefcases in hand Lunging For the office Laptops Cellphones Watches Files
I wish you had told me sooner That you would be leaving me I know you have your duties but I Your daughter Deserved a say in the matter I watch the news I see the deaths
You? How true Are you? Are you lost? In a faraway place Where you conceal Your true face Oh what color? Do you see Yes When you see me Do you see blue?
The first time I saw you, you were sitting at a lunch table reading the first book of the Harry Potter series alone.
Why is it that we allow ourselves to suffer? Day by Day we walk around, fake smiles plasered to our faces, bracelets to hide the cuts, makeup to hide the bruises.
They couldn't move, couldn't get up to even pee.
It seems like only yesturday that I was just a little lad and now that I am grown my family is very glad   I can not help but feel that after all these years I grew up so big and tall
Down the halls its hard enough “Fag” “Gay” “Queer, that’s never enough Into the locker my face gets stuck A teacher walks by and gives me a shrug   Finally in class In the middle I sit
From the moment I first heard her heartbeat; that I felt her move.   From the moment I first saw her; my Darling’s eyes so blue.   How anxious I was to hold her; embracing my joyous fate.
I wasn’t the happiest kid in middle school School subjects increased in difficulty Especially math What is the Pythagorean Theorem again? How do I figure out the radius of the circle for a second time?
You are more than: a weight an age a name a race a gender or a stereotype You are you  in a world of them You have a future You have a past
Would you be proud? If you had never closed your eyes for the last time and woke up to me now? Would you be proud? knowing I've made mistakes. Maybe ones that make me ashamed. But despite all that,
That look is a look that can be seen a thousand miles. That look changes lives and create smiles. That look flows from a mother's approval to a daughter's heart. That look shows that the girl is smart.
Bragging rights are rights for a reason, I work hard day to day, quarter to quarter, season to season. The “overachiever?” The “teacher’s pet?” The “know it all?” Go ahead, I’ve been called them all.
My languages are tree, And dey define me. Cajun is de language dat dances off my tongue; It’s de one dat I’ve known since I was young.
I let the chills take over The feeling of being unwanted A storm raining on my parade For my feelings came crashing down Raining confessions Of how I was truly feeling about my imperfections
Deep within a hot blistering day the trees swaying whilst the wind is array. The sun illuminates the slaves scared slays and America fails to open her young eyes.
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