I Am Mexican American!

"How are you even here right now?"

I got here by myself, my own merits and determination!

"Yeah right! You Mexicans are what's wrong with this nation!"

Don't tell me you're jealous of my grants and my full ride? That shit is mine and I take pride, cause thats my obligation.

"Bitch please, you only got that because you're a damn Hispanic.

A fucking wetback.

A spic.

Your people are a setback."

Motherfucker you're a hypocrite, you know you love Latinas.

Our thick thighs,

Our big ass,

These brown eyes

And tan skin have class.

Don't forget that you wanted to take off my wedding veil.

Said you wanted a son with darker skin, cause you were too pale.

Wanted us to mix to make something like caramel.

You showed me your insecurities on a minor scale.


Don't front, like you forgot what you said.

Telling me you wanted more than to just take me to bed.

Telling me you loved me was just another lie I was fed.

I swear, I think there was something wrong in your head.

Like, how does my race now play a role in how you see me?

I'm a dime piece.

A fucking TEN,

But you deny me?!

And I know looks can fade like on a sidewalk,

Where someone draws a beautiful mural from chalk art.

But I gave you more. I gave you my heart.

A mistake on my part, because in the end we were falling apart.

For a stupid reason, a color I lack,

But you know what Im taking it back.

I'm stitching it up, I'm fixing its cracks.

I'm keeping it warm.

Away from your ice.

Away from your storm.

I'm taking a stand and I'm not playing nice.

You can leave for good and stay out of my life.

Que te vayas a la verga!

Ya no quiero esa cosa negra!

Tu corazon es nada, mas que una porqueria!

Y tu espiritu malvado nunca me dio alegria!



Listen and hear me shout,

Because your true colors showed when this new president rolled out!


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
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