Stereotypical Thoughts

I hate when someone gets bullied

Even though I stay out of the arguments

I have a personal exception 

When people are bullied for being smart

Often referring to them as nerds or punks

Society throws shame on Us "nerds"

Sending sly hatred and bitterness

For being so called "smarter" than average

I don't see it that way

I see it as that We choose to use Our minds

Our meticulous minds for something great

Something other than partying or gossiping

We enjoy not fitting in

Being the lovable weirdos that we are

Instead of trying to join societies egotistical standards

I put emphasis on the words our, we, & us

Because I am proud to be a nerd

a freak

a misfit

Someone who is a avid gamer

Someone who actively studies

Someone who enjoys reading a actual paper book

I embrace all of those qualities of myself

Because at the end of the day 

I realize

I will never change who I am

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