NoFilter Scholarship Slam Beth Reilley


No filters there's a balance.

Taking the happy with the bad

Teaching myself there's more in life to be had

I need some guidance in my hear, karma after dogmas looking to philosophies of the world

I tune into the earth and tune into my mind, so full of light now where thick paint once swirled.

Once so locked away in mourning and seeing the planet spinning far away

Years of crippling and drowning lead to me realizing I was the one spinning it

Pain doesn't making me unique a bit. 

The way I handled it and conquered it makes feel powerful and confident.

That glimmer in my eye hasn't always been there.

I'm here and my soul's bare.

Life is precious and now I feel that. Depression gone I win look around at my friends this disease has taken.

Purity and grace, I'm a woman and I'm glorious. I'll never forget the lessons my loved ones have given me, no love forsaken.


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