Work: My Sexual Harraser

Dear boy with the alluring smile,

Thank you for taking away my trust once again:


You took advantage of me in my darkest of hours. No cameras. No proof. Thank you for showing me how disgusting people truly can be. You stole a kiss off of my lips. You wiped away the tears from my raw cheeks. You knew I didn't want you to, but you did it anyways. 


Dear boy with the lowsy history,


Why would you do that to a girl you barely know I would like to ask. Then go about spouting how I wanted it. Can you read my mind? Do you know what I want? Do you know who I am. Just a girl. A girl who is strong enough to fight back against men like you. Thank you for reminding me I am stronger than you.


Dear manager,

How dare you, I ask, how dare you make me work yet another day with him. "It takes time for these things to go through" you say. It takes seconds to be raped as well. Seems we both are running off of time right now. Thank you for taking his word over mine, saying that it was just a kiss. Would you have preferred my innocence?


Dear manager,


I have been sexually assualted. Not just by the boy with the alluring smile and lousy past, but by this company, this management. I have been assualted by your words: blaming me for another man's actions. Thank you  manager. Thank you. You have reminded me that I am on my own in this situation, but I am not alone. You have shown me that you are merciless, but I am a Goddess who will stand above you all. 


Dear sexual harrasment victims,


Never let somone say you want it. Never trick yourself into believing you want it. Rise up. Take a stand. You are a God or Goddess of courage. You are a man or woman of gold. To all the victims different or alike, thank you for standing with me today, as I am honored to stand by you.



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