I Have NF but NF Doesn't Have Me

A disorder that's rare, diagnosed at age six.

Causes fear to my family, oh God's little tricks.

Brain tumors and pain, with surgeries to come.

Eleven was my first, I have scars that are from.

Tumors can grow and cause much dismay.

Not to mention hospital bills, expensive to pay.

Feeling alone, not aware of a soul,

Who has this too, a friendship goal.

Ashamed and hidden, no one will know,

Of the pain and fear, I daily undergo.

Growth and acceptance, came as I aged,

Seeing others worse off, tumors enraged.

I met a few friends, the same diagnosis too.

So close to my home, crazy, I never knew.

Surgeries, MRI's and medical tests galore,

Seem much easier. when you've got supporters in store.

I now stand up proud. Judgment? Could care less. 

Cause I love me, I don't need to impress.

Adversity and difference used to haunt my thoughts and mind.

But now I proudly shout, "I'm one of a kind".

Neurofibromatosis was once my big fear.

And now I am proud of my diagnosis. It's the reason I'm here. 

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