Man and Woman


God made man

God made woman

Man loved woman

Woman loved man

They got to know each other


The woman bore a child

The child was a boy

The boy grew

His body changed


The boy grew tall limbs and big feet

His voice deepened and testes dropped

His hips grew wider and he developed..breasts


The boy was teased

Ridicule caused him to hide

He shut the world and people he loved out

Solace and art were his friends


His urges grew with his body

Stimulation and libido rose

Testosterone rushed hrough his body

He locked his door


He stared into his mirror and felt uncomfortable in his clothes

He took off his shirt, the soft cotton, brushing against his breasts

He blushed and heard the voices of his peers laughing but he went on


Pants, socks and underwear flew behind him

Face red, he stares into the mirror, his gaze leaving his face and moving onto his body

He smiles and turns around a few times for sport


His reflection walks out of the mirror and they embrace each other

Soft skin touching

They say at the same time "I love you"

Both elements of man and woman in two bodies


Venus and Mars as one

They kissed each other, caress and got to know each other

The boy woke up with fuzzy memories of the previous events

He Discovered that he was in the room alone

Yet sadness didn't overcome him, because he wasn't alone


They became one just as Man and Woman had







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