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These dehumanized bureaucracies which compose everyday life , these system of organs devoid of a soul Not caring if we have names or separate goals to pursue School, work, food pantry
It is not a sin  Being an idealist Being a realist or even Being a dreamer.  
Till you know the softness of rocks and feebleness of mountains  Till you know hardness behind watery concrete 
When alive  we say so much than thriven trillion words  When our eyes are at their last blink We say a moment of words.  
Sweet child, within you, sparrows sing blooms Each day like protocoled steps will lead you  Down Heaven’s aisle of tapping awe and cool
Dear chubby queer kid I know those words feel like insults now But someday you will learn to own them To wear them like medals you earned Because you did earn them Fighting every day to survive
I'm so tired Of tryingOf pretending everything is okOf being unloved But I can’t sleep foreverNot yet
When it comes to emotion between you and me, I was never moved by your subtle ways you think brings everyone concord.  You smile, but what do you smile for?
Disbelieving darkness and frightening final sounds  Relief that the eternal moment may never be found  Mortality’s grip from which we all shelter and hide
Constant exposure of  instant gratification, that’s where we’ve drawn the line. Where we are, where we’ve been; then traveling further in time. 
Was it given to me at birth The perspective of my parent Their collective history Or the passing of time   What do the trees call me When I pass by their brothers Run my hands through the leaves
I always said  I'd rather freeze than burn Because ice can melt But ashes remain
Have you ever wanted something more than oxygen?More than the very thing that sustains life?It’s ironic yet demandingA paradox of epic proportions and yet, it seems reasonable in your mind
I agreed when she called the world ugly, When she whined it was a washed-out warped place. Said I hated when weather was sunny, Scorned sensations of summer on my face.
        Existence  You asked me what inspires me? I was forced to look within Since I couldn't come up with an answer right away  I thought about changing the topic
A walk through the park Infinite mem’ries Faded into time   Experience fades All impermanent Dimming forever  
God will only find you in death, Your life won't matter to him. The help that you expect Is shortcoming with every breath.   I had a dream nothing mattered, Time just plays with us
Just... waiting for the clock to say the shift is over to get the hell out of here to move to the city waiting in traffic waiting in line behind the old lady who still uses checks at the grocery store
Reflecting upon my other self- Possible me, potential me, Smug smiling bastard what-if me   I cannot mourn a better self   Who can say which of us lived- was born,
I watched it all, never once did I look away So calm as I heard the univeitable echoes of a radio, news on televisions, sirens calls that I drowned out by the sight in front of all mankind
Traversing the brim of ill determination stuck walking in eternal night   Existing only in those rusted hallows purely pursued out of spite  
Through the rolling waves of time, The core of existence has never altered nor refined. Starting with the first faint memories of a family dinner: White jasmine rice with a selected number of simple side dishes.
Where does my soul touch my body? When I’m hurt why do I cry? What does it mean to be human? Do we even catch God’s eye?   Our time on earth is short; we’re born, we live, we die.
it can’t get worse,⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀it won’t get better
If You Know Thyself  then you know the world    Motivated by madness  and driven by desire, dive into the pool of passion  and swim deep as you can.    If You Know Thyself 
Let go of what was,   Believe in what is to come,   A dream’s existence.
When I eat veggies, Nature comes to my own brain, When I drink cocoa, I thank God that I exist. What can explain it? I am not an accident. Why with randomness? Everything has a purpose,
I looked up Shocked to see the stars They seemed like a myth A story So often I had been out at night Yet, I never before looked up To the stars I never before Stared Watched
They walk, full of confidence with their bright red feet Moving their heads to the rythem of the city red eyes, staring far away, into a distant memory
To Life Death,   Lacking sleep, food, and will I am coaxed into movement by the soft voice of life. My oft-cited realms of self-persistence
Dear Heart, You are my rythym,The sole reason my eyes flutter open every morning,The source of my existence,My body's only coping mechanism,And my brain's greatest rival. Although you are blind,
Face flat -  cold cement Strings that hold - strings that break All the things that you said- Meaningless.   Yet.We defy. Nature. The odds. Authority. We fly. We soar. We breathe. We die.
You tell me everything will turn out That I have my whole life ahead of me But what if I don't?  What if there isn't that much time left? Is it so bad to want to see everywhere that isn't here?
In the grass up on a hill Outside the city, I see you   Dear empty onion house Peeling and the feeling I get Unwrapping you For brighter insides, scrap the outsides  
So much of me that the world cannot see, I have to try to see it as beauty For if every condensed thread of my being were to unwind to the world Might I as well not exist? Questions to these answers may not unfurl...
I walk down the blank road, the life I lived behind me. A trail that only ghosts walk, the empty void within me.
Time is an illusion drenched in space. Unyeilding. Unending. It stares you in the face. Look away and it does not. For if it did you would vanish without a trace.
wrestling with an impression of myself,confidence scant and creativity diluted,I found solace in the arms of a soldier who decidedmy dreams encompassed all the world-just not the war he was fighting. 
In the beginning, God was the only one who had the gift of existence and he shared that gift with us.God also gave the gift of existence to Jesus and the angels and if you ask me, that was generous.
I’m staring into the eyes of a man I don’t recognize. He looks back at me, eyebrows raised. His expression is cryptic, yet exuding empathy. “Don’t you look at me like that”,
I am a poet Not because of my name Not because of my works butbecauselike youI am a work of art Born from the rocksDustGasChanceAll to create me
Poetry A glimpse into eternity lapsing, lyrically without the confines of time or space, through the void that is no true void, humbling a soul like mine. I did seek the awnsers,
On Einstein's General Relativity :)   Time unbroken, pushes it's eternal expanse. A dimensionless space gone with every fleeting glance.   Men of the experiment,
Where will we be when the future arrives? Will we be nothing but dust, Filling the ground with nothing but cobwebs and our sadness? Or will we be memories,
Some days I long to be like the ocean Gently drifting in a world of deep blue And exotic life forms. The crest of my waves protect me from the terrors of hate And even at low tide I am still loved.  
One thing I cannot live without is my book. My book is knowledge. To live without knowledge is like living without words. Words help create a vision.  I envision my life without my book.
existence is fragile every moment is fleeting I can not help thinking this will all be over soon   days pass so slow but one day you will look in the rearview everything's behind you
  We bloom only to wither and perish, it’s safe to say that life produces death. So why chase life you don’t need to cherish? There is no reason to take the next breath.
What is our innate reason for our existence? Has it always been burning bright - Brighter than the fiery red that fills the sky In an instantaneous sunrise? In some cases, our core has flowed more intensely
    Radiance emitted from beyond this cage, made palpable through a hole tiny in size, seemed to quell my rage fear let assauge, curiosity continuing to rise I set off to
To be is awesome. To even truly exist is fantastic what a feat of probablistic chance. And a dice roll universe struck Yahtzee with none other  than yours truly. What absolute insanity 
As life passes by, our sight slips away, Unable to see what's incredible. This world is changed with each passing day. What seems meaningless is most wonderful. Water falls from the eyes during heartache,
This Isn't Supposed To Make Sense. 
One day without you,is a thousand baseballs to my throat.One day without you,is like being run over by a speed boat.One day without you,is like being trampled by one thousand elephants.
Sometimes When night clutches the sky I look up at the Heavens And gaze at those stars A feeling always seizes my being As thoughts whirl around my mind Because I cannot help but wonder
What is my purpose in this world? To take up space, to be a filler in an empty place. The idea of existence has always been confusing, Am I here to succeed? Or will I end up losing?
I feel a huge need to express myself to anyone who is willing to listen. There's Soo much of me bottled up, I'm spilling from the ceiling. Right here, over here I exist I have feelings.
the breeze feels like feathers against my skin and laughter suffocates me but i can still breath.  two beers shots shots shots shots shots  dark souls filled to the brim with inebriation 
TO BE VAIN:    How hard is it to understand one’s true intentions?   Faced with different interpretations, what is sky blue may be turquoise or teal.  
I'm walking in the woods, The leaves crushing under my feet.   I smell the bark from the trees and the life from the ground below me. As I continue walking, it starts to rain.
There was another reality
A new life Potential with no seeming end A new beginning, no sign of strife But to begin, however, is also to end   A military child Moving from state to state
Surely all we humans
Staying up afterhours Jazz beats and rhythms filling the air These white walls   Pondering Pondering Pondering Why Why Why Where...   The world Society People  
Only my echo responds. "Oh," it says. "Anything else?" I stop.  I did not expect a question in return. "No.  I just wanted to be heard." "Oh.  Well, I heard you."
To mourn death or celebrate life. We're always left with sullen strife. Life, the tunnel of consciousness. Death, the promising of mysteriousness.
My thumb is genty caressed by two hundred and fifty pages. Caught on one, my eyes whisper over the paper. The top left hand corner is stained with the words "of existence."
Forbidden crystals And possibilities within Soaring through the questions Revealing secrets to wanderers   Unknown colors and shapes Where paradise awaits Adventures unfolding
When I think of the night, I no longer feel afraid. Not sad nor angry, Just calm.   The night reminds me of us, At better times. When we would stare up into the great beyond,
He walks the streets looking for a way in or a way out Seeking a prize that he cannot find In the sky it cannot be seen, So he seeks the earth beneath his feet, Solid ground gives way beneath,
Life and death had a meeting when life was old, dying, and pleading. Death said hello with a grin, a dark greeting. Death looked at life and said, "welcome back you look different."
They tell me that your love is one that can't withstand their reality.  They claim that all I need is a grasp of familiarity.  A look-see into the future so I can stop wondering where I ought to be. 
I must change I do change I will change This was the promise I unknowingly made when I was born into this world of beautiful malice My freedom to exist and demand
Your presenceis not the effect ofa lovers’ private quarrel,though medical professionalswill tell you so.With their shiny toolsand golden,framed certificatesthey wave clipboards around
What is the mind of man,
The only place where its not normal to be normal. humanity, humans, homo sapiens; we are so amazingly peculiar, different, the same. We are truly Simplicity at its finest; Long dense answers to a question that has never been asked.  I exist?
  I feel like I’m one dimensional I feel like I’m the only one who sees how I see I feel like the harder I try to be exceptional The more flaws are pointed out to me   I’m scared of what’s ahead
How nice it must be to be a goldfish Living in ignorance. Sometimes it is the complexity That wrongs our lives. Best to learn from the fish Happy and simple.  
It’s something SO ingenious (And nearly incomplete) It comes from a great intellect Be ready to read   To absorb my profound message I suggest you close your eyes
Before my waking life, I was colors I was the flowing frequency unheard Undetected Existing bodiless, yet connected still To everything that ever was A blinding flash of energy
The subway is never empty at night. By midnigth the street pets come out. They scatter throught out the subway grounds. In search of  memories people left behind. Items of comfort.
The scent of rain on dry Earth. Churning like seawater on a stormy day. Rising from the ground like bluebonnets on a summer evening. Petrichor is a delight. Wafting about beneath soft grey skies.
I sit down in the window seatand set my bag down beside me.I need to be alone.The train begins its epileptic convulsionsand screeches from within itself like it has Tourette's,but my only affirmation 
On her Pedestal she sits, yet she takes no pleasure from it. Both Comfort and cage she watches, wishing to participate, yet ever mindful of the consequences..
Emotion Dripping Down My Heart. Thoughts Seeping From My Mind. My soul is Delicate Beautiful Untouched. As words are Formed Within my Body
Every day passes one at a time Regardless of atrocity or an act of generosity All continues without delay This is what it will be
Creation Of everything, of nothing Birth of lives, Called upon by lightning; A connection unbroken Unexplained, undefined, unmatched. One touch Creates one world
Today I don’t exist. I’ll be the sound of the falling tree that no one hears I’ll be alone all day and won’t take a thing away from the world Because today I don’t exist.
Why? Everyone wonders, Why? Everyone asks, Why this? They cry, Why that? They sigh.
As I read the letter you gave to our class, I am overcome with the sense of my weight on this earth and get the bizarre feeling that I am shrinking literally down to the size of a speck. If you could even call me a speck, I would be honored.
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