To be is Awesome.

To be is awesome.

To even truly exist

is fantastic what a feat

of probablistic chance.

And a dice roll universe

struck Yahtzee with none other 

than yours truly.

What absolute insanity 

What are the odds?

The chips stand stacked in celestial skies

And carbon based life comes out ALIVE?!

What are the odds?

Now this all really happened.

With a big flash bang and some hullabaloo

stands here me and stands there you 

Can you imagine?

which lives parallel to we

at right angles to time

shimmering shadows of cosmic dust light

Can you imagine?

That we live and breathe evolution 


Whose purpose was lost when we decided 

procreation was too simple a task and to exist

was no longer enough. So we sit in a state of existential

anxiety over existence.

but lest we forget

that To Be is awesome. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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