The Cardiac Question

Dear Heart, You are my rythym,
The sole reason my eyes flutter open every morning,
The source of my existence,
My body's only coping mechanism,
And my brain's greatest rival. Although you are blind,
You see more clearly than my eyes:
The world in front of me,
Exposing all of her lies.
Still, you beat on, unphased. If hatred comes from the brain,
Then why are you the one that must suffer?
But if pain is perception,
And you are its victim,
How real am I? Does the answer even matter?
My emotions define the validity of my life,
Not the magnitude of the positives,
Rather, the range of the intangible,
And your ability to rebound. The only part of me that never rests,
I won't know the answer,
Until you take a break,
My mind will continue to wander,
But you will never miss a beat.


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