My Business II

When it comes to emotion between you and me, I was never moved by your subtle ways you think brings everyone concord. 

You smile, but what do you smile for?

You always commit to honesty to prop up your identity.

Then comes the day we've been too caught up in desperate lies. 

Failure in hindsight, breaking down the identities doomed to die. 

Don’t dare to remember who we are, for it has nothing to show in the end. 

You’ll go back and live again like the maggots breeding of malice. 

You’ll watch us fall and rise as listless tides. 

It pays to satisfy your up-down desires. 

It pleases to watch a tormented face like yours when you beg to see cold-hearted, twisted me. 

Faces made of the most compelling pain I’ve felt, the evident reality that identity is insignificant as an insect to the stars.

All the small reflections we’ve forced on ourselves giving each other selfish reasons to live for. 

That’s our desperate, indiscernible hum to the galaxy.

That no longer matters to me. 

I watch it burn like regret. 

Hate echoes only in my mind. 

Ashes of sound. 

That hum is none of my business. 

This poem is about: 
My family
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