Subway Night


The subway is never empty at night.

By midnigth the street pets come out.

They scatter throught out the subway grounds.

In search of  memories people left behind.

Items of comfort.

And if lucky, foodthat has not already been poison.


By 2am the voices that are never heard makes a visit.

They wander around until they spot a smooth surface.

Become friends with the street pets.

 And then began to leave their mark on the surface with detail in every line.

They don't write peotry, they leave their story in the paint thats on the wall.


By 4am the renters come.

They  rest by the vents for heat.

Search through rubbish for dinner.

Become friends with the voices that are never heard.

And count the change they made that day.


But by 6am everyone decides to leave.

The street pets go back into hiding.

The vioces that are never heard vanish before the sun rises.

The renters prepare themeselves for another day of work.

But when night falls they all meet up again.



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