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I am a poet

Not because of my name

Not because of my works but
like you
I am a work of art

Born from the rocks
All to create me

All to create the coils and ocher skin
confused eyes and thunderous back
weak tongue and fighting innards

But look! I am beautiful!
And so are you
Look how tall we stand to fight!
We are taller than the trees!

And how unfortunate
to be this piece
and never play your note
and never say "I am here!"

If a pea can be a sun
And 111 times 111 is 12321
And infinity never ends
Are we not here to help?

Is it all coincidence that
Everything works together?
And our white dot in the blackness
was built in jest?

That I can't believe 
We must play
We must sing
We must display the works of art
We are!

We must teach other works
of Love
of Dimensions
of Togetherness
of Roots
of Angels

We must ask questions
We must be curious
We must wonder
We must write

Of my identity and separation
Of my similarity and closeness
Of the dot our mind concerns us with


Self preservation
What keeps me alive?
What keeps me where I am?

The horrifying present
The nostalgic past
The unnerving future

Looking at things
Like a blind man who now has sight
What do you see?
Are we all flat with shadows?
Are we all closer than we think?

Hearing things
Like an amplified hall
Who said that?
What did they say?
What did I hear?
What did they mean?

Feeling things
Like a spirit passing through a body
Is it smooth?
Is this smooth?
What is smooth?

Smelling things
Like they hold the memories
Embrace me
You are the rained on Earth
Might I take it in?

Tasting things
Like you will never have it again
How does a sweet kiss taste?
How could I forget?

How will I remember?
How must we remember?

I am a poet

Not because of my name


Not because of my works but
like you
I am a work of art

This poem is about: 
Our world


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