Waiting to die


waiting for the clock to say the shift is over

to get the hell out of here

to move to the city

waiting in traffic

waiting in line behind the old lady who still uses checks at the grocery store

waiting for love

for it to be over

sitting paranoid in the car out front

of the drug dealers house

waiting for your buddy to come out

waiting to get high

waiting to die

waiting until your get older

having a kid

waiting for your kid to get older

waiting for the phone call

that says your Gram has died

your dad has died

your wife has died

your dog has died

that your best friend has died

waiting to hear they found your brothers body

finding out he couldn't wait

waiting for the goddamned timer on the oven

to ding telling you that the crappy

frozen pizza you bought to eat while you wait to die

is done

waiting to die

waiting for the promotion

waiting for the boyfriend of that girl you like to fuck up so badly that you might have a chance

for plans to come to fruition

for crops to grow

for the revolution

for some good news for a change

paint to dry

paint to peel

the washer to finish

the dryer to ding

the Amazon order to come

waiting around for the FedEx guy to deliver it

for the plumber to unclog your toilet

waiting for your favorite band to drop their next album

the new premier

the new thing

the new place to dump your cash

your birthday right around the corner

waiting for the new year to start your diet

to quit smoking

for the other shoe

the axe to fall

the jury to render a verdict

Waiting to be happy

waiting for that asshole to get out of the bathroom

for your roommate to do the dishes

waiting to die

waiting for your vacation

coming home just in time to wait for the next one

waiting for retirement

waiting for your tax return to get the brakes fixed

waiting for the brakes to fail

the planes to fall out of the sky

the second coming

the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs

the rapture

for Jesus or Jim Jones to take you up to heaven

the end of the world

world war three

the Commies to invade

the shift to end

waiting to die


This poem is about: 
Our world


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