cross faded memories

the breeze feels like feathers against my skin

and laughter suffocates me but i can still breath. 

two beers

shots shots shots shots shots 

dark souls filled to the brim with inebriation 

smoke singes my face and sets fire to my chest

i forget what breathing is.

a final hit and people echo

they're impressed.



i look up for a second and everyone looks scared 

they are cartoon characters with fox heads 


they're scared they're scared

shes lost it guys shes lost her cool lost her cool lost her cool lost her cool

colors and shapes attack me from everywhere and suddenly 

I'm in a bed 

i cant breath and i can see my heart beat

like a humming bird

yellow red yellow red



"please get him for me"

he comes and lays down and i fall in love

i hold him and he forms a wall around me 

nothing can get me 

because he is here.

"she needs to eat something"

in the kitchen i loose control 

its getting black and i see a door 

i go closer closer closercloser

"laurel come back you've got to eat"

"am i going to die?"


"tell my mom i love her and I'm sorry"

"you're not going to die"

"don't let me close my eyes for to long"


"it gets worse"

"you have to eat"

"I'm in love with you"


"you have three eyes"


"can we walk?"

"yes lets walk"

he helps me up

"you're my price charming"

outside its dark.


they play my ukulele as they summon satan.

"make them stop"

"guys stop she doesn't like it"

i tell him what to tell my friends when I'm dead.

I've never been so close and so accepting of death.

"laurel you've got to get this out of your system." 


"ill kiss you"

suddenly his soft light lips press against mine and everything is black.

ad black black black





i cant move 

i cant help

someone helps me up and we float to a car outside 

a low voice says they're too inebriated to drive 

"are we gonna die?"

"no, were gonna walk."


were gonna walk

were gonna walk

were gonna walk

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