I watched it all, never once did I look away

So calm as I heard the univeitable echoes of a radio, news on televisions, sirens calls

that I drowned out by the sight in front of all mankind

Watching the world's very existence fall in front of me, the atmosphere so different to the feeling of bliss 

Knowing that my soul would be in an hours wait, amongst the stars

I feel sympathy for the people who are not ready to leave so soon

Not knowing the rarity of seeing what it's like to become part of the worlds we could never touch

To be part of the great beyond of a thousand worlds 

I can only imagine what waits for me


The air surrounding me was so cold but the warmth in my chest filled me with such comfort

I wasn’t afraid nor was I dreading the end of the home I grew up in

Not the fact I would leave behind what I knew

Not the fact I would leave my memories 

Not the fact I would have to face my worlds destruction head on

I wasn’t afraid of the tears, but embracing the universe coming undone

The rings of saturns were so different up close

Mercury's colours were so beautiful when pulled apart

Neptune was so blue, so much blue I thought the ocean had drifted to the skies


I recall it like it was yesterday

At first it was the oceans when the moon fell away like dust

The change in climate in the raining deserts

Fires in the amazon forests, snow storms, hurricanes, lightning 

The burning ice caps as uranus fell out of orbit

We all knew but didn't want to acknowledge it

It was only a matter of time before humans out ran our time

Ours long overdue 


My life orbiting around a masterpiece of extinction  

Who knew it would come to this? 

Alone on a roof, while my friends and family laid waiting indoors

Embracing for the last time, laughing at our own demise

Ignoring the beautiful silence of the night sky outside, as I stare in awe

I couldn’t help but ask if I would feel the pain

Would I be alive to see the planets surface touch

Would everything be alright?


So many questions and thoughts ran through me

Yet so stilled by the heavenliness in my hazel irises 

So rare and beautiful that we even exist

To live a millennia to watch the solar systems reach its capacity

Leaving in it’s own self decorative department from earth

What a sight



Living for the day I watch pluto break

Unknowingly starting the chain of systems ticking down

Sitting in fields as specks of venus flew past as fireflies

My only purpose to die out like a planet's flame

So little to contemplate our own size in the product of creation

A mere speck floating in the emptiness of space

So rare that we even exist

That the universe was made to be seen by my own eyes


Looking back up I see it all again

My salvation, my demise, my end, and my beginning

On the roof of the planet I once called home

Gazing upon the gas giants who will consume my very being

Colours so up close and personal in meeting my maker

I've always loved the rings of saturn


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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