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Crushing under the weight, trying to swing it in stride. This adulting concept was not well explained. Breathe   Pinching yourself, begging to wake up from a terrible nightmare.
It had been over a month And I hadn’t written anything Nothing substantial Or meaningful Or otherwise legible   No love poems Or hate poems Or poems about my brokenness  
Beneath your bed hides, My sorrowful ghostly eyes. Be still, he who breathes.
She walks by night By daylight and Twilight Step silent across gravel roads cobble streets The girl in the flannel skirt She doesn't eat or drink or sleep She simply breathes
I try way too hard and came way to far for you to treat me the way that you do, but my bad.
"AS LONG I'M NOT WITHOUT YOU" Breathe: breathe sweet love from your heart it's all I wanna smelt. It feels like heaven even if is hell as long you're with me all I see is paradise haven.
BREATHE IN.... BREATHE... OUT... Use Your Nose And Mouth... So That Your Body Can Move Around... !!!
i look into your deep brown eyes    and feel gusts of wind rush into my lungs at the speed of light.   deep breath in,   deep breath out.   i can finally breathe again.  
Depression isn’t gentle She doesn’t knock when she enters the room Or text you before she comes over Instead she kicks down the door and takes what is hers She does not need your opinion
Sometimes, when I am lucky,  I can get away long enough to see the stars. Far from the noise, from broken memories and fear of "never enough." To a wide open space where the news cannot reach.
Call lights shining, alarms ringing, people racing, I'm in over my head.   Long lectures, rushed notes, early mornings, I'm in over my head.   Blood pressure rising,
The same day that you said you would stay forever, Is the the same day that you had left me, Forever. It was my fault, I know. When I feigned myself as someone I wasnt,
We only take deep breaths when we're told.Like when we're in a Drs office and they're checking for a cold.But, what about the deep breaths when we're gasping for air,when our brain says breathe, but there's no oxygen there...We'll think of all the
It's as if the breath that i was holding onto,  For a mere 20 seconds,  Was life giving me the chance to take a pause. A pause from this mad world.
It's as if the breath that i was holding onto,  For a mere 20 seconds,  Was life giving me the chance to take a pause. A pause from this mad world.
My Books By Jadie Reasland   To take my books away, It’s like taking away my soul. Yet it’s also like you are Crushing my heart,
i’m breathing in and out rapid and unsteady i have serious doubt finding i am unready   i don’t know what to do i’m pacing i couldn’t possibly see this through my heart is racing  
“Breathe,”  they tell you. Inhale for one, two, three, four. The words, “just calm down,”  echoing in my head; my eyes seeing only red. Blood drips. Exhale on five and six. 
words scribbled across the page in an desparate manner as if the writer might just burst if they can’t release this display of a broken heart. a melody sings its song to a crowd of invisible listeners
Darkness and isloation the only two things I ever used to know mind your business hold your head down don't let anyone know you are here you exist you take up space but that doesn't matter
I did it because I have been             trapped all my life The air was loud, whipping past my ears,             deafening my thoughts, my doubts No regret seeped into my soul
sometimes it feels like I am screaming underwater;my words are just bubbles of gasping air.then I look around
Breathe. Words to tell myself to escape the struggles Trapped. Emotions clogging up my mind with no where to call home. Helpless. Struggling to find an outlet to let it all go. Quiet.
Breathe in. Ignore the way Tension builds in your throat. Your body rebels against you. Just breathe.   Breathe out All your sorrow. Guilt that nags through the day.
I'm trying to breathe but I can't Gave me a tracheostomy for life but I still can't  breathe Put me on life support but it can't  support me cut it off and  let me . . .
Your heartbeat is my own. You smile, I smile. You dream, I dream. You breathe, I sigh. Love me. Hold me. Trust me now. I'm cold. Warm me.  You dream, I dream. You smile, I smile.
Do you think breathing is a part of feeling because I certainly do I think at some point the air in my lungs will give out and deflate and become nothing but ash
Dear me in the past,  Breathe. For that is all you can do sometimes. Don't let fear get to you. Just breathe.  Don't let the people who don't see you for your worth get to you. Just breathe. 
Dear Grandma,  I find myself weakened, in this rendered state;  Pent up in shackles, due to the folly of contemptuous inferiority.  Breaching the seal of established dictum;
Dear Jonghyun,  On nights when I couldn't sleep, Under a breathless whisper You told me you couldn't understand. Wrapped in blankets, holding me close
Im not okay. The voice took over. Its just me, Its not anxiety. Everyone lies. I look like a buffoon. Im fat, ugly, and stupid. The words keep repeating in my head not letting me even breathe.
Because I Love You, Please Eat. it's been three days and you are so shakey it's like you could crumble at any second. Breathe. in and out, it seems impossible in the moment
One step, one breath in. Two step, two breath in. Three step, three breath in. Four step, four breath in. Repeat.
when my family gets here I'm gonna call you back when my family gets here I will play with Elmo and watch frozen  play hide and seek and tag down the hallway sing songs and watch their eyes
Close your eyes. Breathe. Count to ten. One. Two. Your heart begins beating faster and faster, causing a terrible pain inside. You bring your hands to your chest and dig your fingers into yourself.
I once was able to breathe To see the world To go outside and smile   Now I pray to stop To close my eyes And stay in my room and suffer   The healing is slow But I try
Creeeaaaaakkkkkk kkkkkkaaaaaeeerC Deep breath Step out onto the sidewalk And breath the fresh summer air Feel the wind tangle in your hair
I love how your hand fits in mine, I love how your smile can light up a room, I love how your eyes shine in the sun light, I love when your Eyes meet mine. You are the Ronald to my Hermine.
You say all this stuff that you hate about yourself.
 The breaking of the heart is the most painful when you think you've found the one, then they just walk our or your life like you were never nothing. The heart breaks when you lose someone you loved with your whole heart.
Face toward the bright sun, Breathe; the cool capricious  breeze.'s amazing.  
With one step through the door, out into the escape of stress, and uncertainty, 
Breathe with me Let us share the very thing that keeps us alive Be my oxygen Intoxicate my being with your essence Let me wander through you like a lost child Take my hand Guide me
I am breathing And I am thankful For the breath Is my sanctuary It washes over me Reminding me I have a day to live A day to do good And a day to make a difference
In... Out... From ragged and quick  To slow and steady  Breathing The first breath I hear in the morning is his and hearing that deep, content sound make facing my fears
You know what Darling? Throw away that makeup. Feel beautiful as you. Now this is not another one of those ones that is going to say acne is beautiful. That your flaws are perfection. No.
Be the one well traveled, hold truth higher than your comfortand your faith will set you free. 
When it rains it pours they say, So go and find your zen; Even if for a moments time, Peace will reign again.
Wake up, breathe. Cry, breathe. Dry your face, breathe. Take a shower, breathe. Cry, breathe. Dry your face, breathe.
I've planned my whole life. I'm always looking ahead. I've forgotten the present. I have to stop And look around me look behind me slow down breathe study
Breathe in Hmmm Breathe out Whooo So easy Hmmm So simple Whooo In, out ......................... Miss the beat Hmmmm Wh oooo Skip a step Hmmm Silence.
Has my heart fallen into the pits of dispair or have I still yet to learn the basic functionings of breathing Must I vouch for love for the sake of others as I
After the storm passes, Before the darkness hits, Cease to think about the bad that has happened, Don’t let it consume you. You will be okay, you are okay. -K.D.
Distance The water crashing upon the shore and the need to breathe. Salt doesn't make good air and neither does space.   Time A misconcetion of the ultimate thought
The earth sprouts new life like love grows attachment and clings on  tight. Like a new-born bird taking flight for the first time, leaving the nest, taking chances.
Anchors, cast iron claim center and hold her steady, in the light, in the dark.     Anchored in the light place she need not exert. Warm tendrils caress her,
Breathe   In. Out. In. Out.   It seems simple.   A constant Life affirming Rhythm.
If you do not trust me, as you should Forever I’ll delightedly leave. Sitting in silence is not the way;  For what would you hope to achieve? I’d rather always succumb to nothing
The moonlight rays Slice through your window, Similar to the way The blade kissed Your skin only moments ago. You look out with Blurry vision and
Cold windows, silent train Broken promises, cloudy skies Heavy footprints, light rain Hopeful wishes, long goodbyes    
Sleep to the sound of the music telling you your okay Break the barrier of tears, you've been holding in all day Smile at the sunrise coming up over the hill Punch the person in the face, who tells you to "fucking chill" 
I am a survivor, a Rose 
Pounding the pavement-                                      Just breathe. Rounding the corner, and drowning in water-           Just breathe. Sprinting the last steps while blurring my
I let myself be sad once in a wh
We cannot become what we want to be remaing who we are today We wonder why as girls we bring down other girls because we all know how hard being a girl is Expensive makeup is everywhere
Oh how rarely Do we breathe so very deeply That the depths of our souls Are revitalized.
I remember watching him sleep, his eyes fleeting back and forth under their lids. I remember him drawing long breaths, and his heartbeat wavering in his chest.
A quoted young fella with the mind of a revolutionary trying to change the world around him to make it safe for future kids. What more can you ask for; better days better nights. Things don't change so you lonely here with a knife.
The shadows break free from the horizon
Breathe in, breathe out.   You can take my hair, you can take my blood; take my happiness, but never my love. You can take my memories, you can take the good times; let me move on, let me close my eyes.
I am an outcast in this little city, I enjoy long
“People inspire you, or they drain you– Pick them wisely." -Hans F. Hansen
The Wind leads through the woods the forest is silent, over the hills comes the glorious sun rise   Music spreads through the air the heart is consumed with love
Smile, Laugh, Go Crazy You can cry when you get home Stop Talking, No ones listening You have no where to go
My arms are reaching out, My mind is screaming for an answer, My soul stepped out, My thoughts ran away too, My bitter heart is the only thing left standing,
Think about your family, Tammy-Lee Look towards the future, Stu-Murr Take a breath, Seth Keep a journal, colonel Record your triumphs, Liumph Go to bed early, Shirley Create realistic goals, noel
Think about your family, Tammy-Lee Look towards the future, Stu-Murr Take a breath, Seth Keep a journal, colonel Record your triumphs, Liumph Go to bed early, Shirley Create realistic goals, noel
Sometimes we find that our lungs collapse,  our minds wrap around the idea of relapse. We fall to the ground and gasp for air,  why, oh God, is this life not fair?  With hands on our hearts and a knot in our chest,
Just breathe in and out and again.This smog that clouds our mind-placing us in the realm of Negativity-will pass.
Control. Let it go hold it in Breathe Control. Hit a wall Scream so loud Breathe   Control. Uncontrolable emotions Cry like mad  
Breathe in. Breathe out. Air, wind, an ersatz zephyr, whatever you call it, it's giving the both of us life. The atmosphere, composed of certain gases, is made up of similar constituents to our respirating masses. Breathe in some stardust.
I'm the kind of person who worries about leaning my seat back in airplanes.
he was a tidal wave,
Today is a new day. I will take a step back to breathe. Looking around at the beauty that surrounds me. The warmth of the sun against my skin. Birds singing and flying through trees. Today is a new day.
When waking to the dawn is within my grasp
Violent screams, tears dripping from 
Blue summer sky, br
Inspiration is a way of telling our sorry tales of when we lost hope and gained it back. A way to show everyone and everything that there was a day the pain resided and was left to hang in the air.
    The room was dull in color. Browns and beiges flooded the walls and floors. The lack of air was pungent, strangling me secretly. Benches were filled with burdened faces and twitching hands.
A counter clockwise circle With colorful lights of flair A sky with stars that twinkle Where I often don’t have a care The wind is soft and cool The moon becomes my only friend
Save me from myself. I'm drowning. Lost in a nightmare. It's surrounding Me and my life And everything Around me ......................... I need to get out
Speak now of your fallacies, to you I will not judge. Tell me all that concerns you and to you I will listen. You pull me down into the water into the depths of Hell- but these places I know familiar
When you have a bad day and you're tired and torn, when you look up to the sky  and ask why you were born, don't let it get to you, because you're better than that. Don't let it trouble you,
You take your first breaths together, the start of forever, but the past is all I see. I stare into your eyes and find nothing but lies. The same lies you fed me? I like you? I want you. I love you? I lust you.
Of days when I have forced my will To school, and kept myself so still, And haven't uttered cries of grief, Of your incompetent relief - Deriving from your lack of skill, In the ability to feel
I’d say it in person, but I fear rejection Because when a student speaks out there’s surely ejection You ask who I am, just look at my friends I stay true to my values while others change like trends
When you see this soft-spoken, shy girl sitting at her desk, You see someone weak As I quietly doodle away on my note-pad, You see someone distracted When every other girl giggles and laughs with her friends,
Can't breathe, need air,Hands shaking, almost there.Rushing, pulling, running,The taste, simply stunning.
Sonnet to See   Truth write: is it in the lumen of light, In the atom or molecule inside, In the blazing comets soaring at night, Or by faith apart from our weary eyes?  
To begin something, with a blank mind to begin somthing, where only time can tell you if it's what you thought only time spent, to figure what you've bought.   Most people never begin, 
  Breathe I inhale the toxins of the world They weigh down on me like Atlas tear me up from the inside out I’m suffocating All the things I’ve seen are Nothing compared to living it out
    Alright. Don’t be a bitch.   This woman is a human being. Act accordingly.   Smile. not too much.
I recall that pulse of summer, vivacious and lively when I first met you. Fall sprang into worlds of color, I learned the meaning of Love is Blue.   Through the winter, snow sparkled down.
It's alright, you can stop the snapping. You can leave the little hole-in-a-wall cafe. You can take off your hipster hats and turn off that single spotlight. I'm not here for that. 
Farewell Stranger, your travels have left scars across the surface of the land.Your words cast into flames of open fury and now personal thoughts of tranquility lay quiet. 
Close your eyes and breathe Let go of the world around you   Reach out a hand and touch a star Ride on the back of a dragon Close your eyes and breathe  
Rapid thoughts, Confusion, chaos, Anxiety wraps its heavy hand Around my thinning breathe. With so few hours,  to do so much. Will I ever be good enough? Cliché, I know
Threatening waves crash over me, they pound the life out of me.   I hear what seems to be screams in the distance,   But it’s me.
Eat my words you beast of paper, clawing for truth and lies Soak up my tears and my smiles, my heartache and my giggles A half-formed poem a finespun respite for
Inhale-two-three-four Hold-two-three-four Exhale-two-three-four It is no coincidence (two-three-four) that We must inspire in order to live
Give me then something to write about All the truth-tellers scrambling around Aching twisting burning out Because really, whats left to say? Why write why write why write Poetry?
The valleys green, the ocean blue The golden sun in the afternoon The soft brush of and offshore breeze And in the fall, the piles of leaves
Even when you feel weak, to me you are strong To lay next to anyone else and breathe in their air Would feel asphyxiatingly wrong
The way the rain disturbs the waves, the small splatters in the silence. The fog covers the sea to stop us from seeing water hitting water, causing bigger waves; a disturbance to normality.
What's in a day that can't be found in a breath? Going for more but coming with less, Finding that what you have is not what you thought, Still forward for fear that if you stop you are lost.
A fact fades from truth to legend, to simple fantasy. Sustaining mortal life without life of her own- the Goddess drifts Four essences lye in her wake, She searches endlessly.
Blue skies reside in photographs, predating sprawled luxury - untainted tips of childish thought with straight priorities.
So here it goes as I start, I take a breath and begin. Words fall like sand, Slipping through my lips. The tumble like stones And pile at my feet. I keep going cause I feel I cannot stop.
What does it mean to breathe again to feel again to heal again It means to wake up and to see your mistakes Don’t ever let your mistakes take the place The place of your joy and the place of your smile
The place with the sand and sea is abandoned, Empty. Deserted. Bumpy tracks of vehicles are freshly anew, But no other traces of a once crowded beach left behind.
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