You say all this stuff that you hate about yourself. But all of those things I love about you.  You say you're as ugly as a lump of coal,But I say you're as beautiful as red rose in a garden of dandilions.  You say majority rules? But I Say Only The People Who Truly know you are the ones that matter. The ones that know you inside and out, the ones you can tell anything to.The ones who love you unconditionally.  You say you can't take this anymore? So I say I'll share the pain with you. If I had the power to take all of your pain and put it on me, I would.  You know why? Because I love you and I hate seeing you in pain. Every time you cry I wish I was there to hold you and I cry myself.   Every time you are in pain,  it hits me like a falling rock. Every time you say you're ugly or you don't like a part of you, I cry. I cry because I wish you could see how I see you. I wish you loved yourself like I love you. You are unique, you are inspirational,  you are beautiful,  and you are amazing.  Don't let other people's opinions ruin who you are.  If you are who you want to be and you love yourself, then who cares what anyone else thinks?No one is alive that is youer than you. Be your true self and you will be loved.

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