Take Ten


Anywhere, life, home, school, park, garden, living room, world
United States

Think about your family, Tammy-Lee
Look towards the future, Stu-Murr
Take a breath, Seth
Keep a journal, colonel
Record your triumphs, Liumph
Go to bed early, Shirley
Create realistic goals, noel
Play, Ray
Take a bathroom break, Jake
Meditate, Nate
Drink green tea, Bea
Get a massage, Hodge
Indulge in a hot bath, Vath
Exercise daily, Hailey
Count backwards, Baxter
Daydream, Steve
Close your eyes, Geis
Create a Zen zone, Joan
Get organized, Pewdiepie
Sniff citrus, Nicholas
Talk to a friend, Rende
Cuddle, Ruddell
Laugh, Taff

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