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What do I have to do? What do I have to do to show you I’m Human? I breathe this air, just like you walk this land just like you brush my hair as do you
I place my hand on my heart and my arm on my back and I begin to sing then I begin to reflect on all the people who gave their lives so I could live So I could come to this event where all these people
There's a war in america not for the american people but for the american soul.
"We are all the same," they say. They lie. We are not the same, you and I. We are different, two sides of one coin And while they say, "You are equal" they mean
White power is a phrase That still make me cringe.  I haven't done anything,  So why do they look at me with anger And hatred,  Burning coals for eyes, And a hard line where a mouth Used to be. 
Another child. Another friend. Another son. Another daughter. Another neighbor. Another cousin. Another mother. Another father. Another lover. Another classmate.
Your existence is never trivialYour sins are always forgivableYour crimes are all permissibleNo matter how despicableYou’ll never be held accountable
The year is 2015
It is the color of my skin and the texture of my hair, which makes people create assumptions that are not are not there. 
Name me as the hope of the slaves Frame me in my mothers gaze Let me breathe in open air Even though we've yet to make it there Black bodies sway in time With the drums playing in my mind.
we are under the comfort that blooming flowers are bright that they shine like stars in a glistening night-- that they are good and small, like a beacon of light-- but we can't tell what's a flower
Ferguson It happens every day and no one notices It’s not the first time shots were fired At an innocent black man in the streets This time Ferguson next time Washington  
when will the injustice end
I'm afraid to raise sons in this world.Black men who will be profiled and targeted from my womb,
As he stumbles to the ground,
He was just a normal person He was walking down t;he street He was just a normal person Till he got shot by the police He was just a normal person Till it all broke loose Now he's layin on the street
Stop! Don't shoot! I'm unarmed  The words of an African-American male about to take his last breath  Another day Another dawn Another young black male killed  As we are left to mourn 
        "Liberty and Justice for All",  or so they say.   These words seldom ring truthfully          Every time   I try to love my nation Another black teenager shot dead in the street,
Break down Shimmer and crumple Let them glide with a stride so perplex As men begin to withstand the precocious Demands of his brethren                          Let the people speak
#twitter is my biggest distraction #distracted Your being distracted Hypnotized by hashtags memorized by the masses old slaves to the new master The media is trying to make a fool out of us
This is for my brothers and my sisters full of ideas, creativity, and passion. This is for those young black lives, the eighteen and nineteen year olds trying to make it to graduation or college orientation.
Speaking over the drone of decorative fountain water,
Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner Who's next? Me?
My People talk as if we still are free, the media scoping and molding our mentality.
Cease and desist Or else suffer the consequence We live in a police state Corruption is rampant Forces of racists and brutatlity reign Another innocent gunned down, bring a city to fame
They took an oath of protections and we gave them are trust. Yet in the end it's those we trust our protectors. That are our demise.
Stressing to make the deadlines I'm beginning to lose sleep While Areas near make headlines I find it hard to keep My cool with all these protestors at my school They hold signs with simple phrases
Dead   18 he was 18 and dead young, no life lived yet young black men are now forced to fret  because he's dead, 18 and dead   black
When Michael Brown died, his death was his own fault. No one blamed the white man who was doing his job. But people hax audacity to tell his mother her cries for her baby boy were too much.
This country was built off of the  blood, sweat, and tears  of those seen as less than human Its greatness arose from the bruised and exploited bodies of our ancestors This is freedom.
This ain't black and white. This ain't right This ain't right They shout confused,  confined behind the lines. What's it gonna be, press? It's printed in black and white. But there was RED.
These days, we hold gunsAt the ones we onceHeld our guns for.We give out freedomAs a broken promise.We don’t care
All I ask is to be respected, I will not be neglected, you're surprise of an uprise of people acting reckless, years of peace and protest why we still feel helpless, the leaders who promoted peace, became decease, now what does that sa
All eyes on you Its time to tell the truth We finally got the spotlight camera action We must take action So we must act Not on a stage with the man pulling the strings This is not oz
What would life be for me If I were born to another family How different could it really be? To be amongst the sea of poverty Rather then the throne of affluency How different would I see?
I find that I can’t breathe
There's words in my brain The pressure's buildin' up They gotta get out My filter gives up
My grandmother frequently talks of the good old days, the days that she thought were lost in a maze she speaks of the times when all was right  and only dancing happened at night.  
The burning crosses flow through my veins Alloyed with the remnants of black berets and raised fists The screens glow with the tide of imminent revolution  A path marched Lives disposable
Cops are white, Victims are black,  If they didn't attack cops, maybe they wouldn't get shot.
America my dear..
The First Amendement  The ultimate rule we live by Abused and neglected, Just like those fighting in Ferguson, Those same warriors fighting for our country, Many become blind to their actions,
Who is protected, When it is justicekeeper, That are criminal?
is that I am not a cop with a badge and a gun tasked to serve and protect   nor am I a black father or mother or brother grieving over lost family or friend   nor am I a part of a community where
  I am upset because I still live in a world where an unarmed person of color
I wake up to a sea of white. Is this what society is preparing me for? Being marginalized as "that black girl".  I expected more.    Perhaps my standards were too high,
"Up from the ashes"
You may play me out and have the media cover me up and show me as a lie.but this kind of rage and heartache can never be covered up with all the bloodshed flowing in the street, and many not understanding why
Look at him run His big stupid feet We gonna kill A nigga on the street Short nigga, dumb nigga Watch him fall Dark nigga, light nigga Kill em' all White supremacy can't be beat
Bullet to the heart             Hands up in surrender White flag of peace             But he's going under Childhood rebellion             Fighting back
Slam for Ferguson, this one's called. But I'm so far away; My info comes from research Not personal experience I could never understand Your pain.   Losing a son Because of one
Birds of a feather flock together
Expressing how I feel sometimes confuse me a great deal Can I understand myself? Or better yet can you? I dont always say what I feel But when I do I keep it real Anywhere any place
Am I a black male? do you judge me by my skin? or am I a male who is black? do you acknowledge my dark skin? Ignorance will tell you alot about me I am from the hood always up to no good
The terror in your eyes The sweat in he palm your hands As your timid arms rised The unforgettable sentence "I give up" Were the last words we heard from Brown Followed by the sixth fatal shot
Judgement and speculations  Have always been passed over me Always been placed on me By family  By friends By people I don't even know   Why is this? 
This land is your land.   Gun shot.   This land is my land.   
For I am not here to speak my worth, To tell my side of the story You hear him, his bragging, his nagging, his lying and changing his story He doesnt know that I know the truth, and that God is my witness.  
I had a dream, Then I open my eyes  And I realized. I live in a damage world. Where man made fact is fiction. And man made fiction is "common truths" usually diction.
I know how the world ends It ends with racism and too much diversity It ends with riots and corruption It ends with dominance and death It ends with war for all and peace for none
Why is this nation's generation living wrong? Speaking words of stupidity and never handling the business in making the right decision.
Justice for all? Damn near justice for none! People die everyday, Because the world can't control their guns Innocent people die in vain. If the police do a crime, Is it ok?
heroes. we used to believe we could see them everywhere, 
America: Land of the Oppressed, Home of the Cowards   I am sick of our society   I am sick of the inequality  
Crowds going wild yet I'm laying in bed, People being murdered but I was snoaring they said, Cherries petals and whipcream all over the bed, Blood and bodies mangled, rest in peace to the dead
He who is without sin let him cast the first stone But I’ve seen a sin so wrong it literally penetrates my soul Hate of race Discriminatory remarks
You'd be surprised to figure out who hides behind these lies, You'd be surprised to figure out who smiles while in disguise, It's me, the girl who you see smiling all the time,
You captured kings and warriors and now our bloodline fights back You underestimated the mystery and power behind those of us who are black You saw our strength and resilience and said “They’ll be fine to do our work”
Man of col
I can't sleep, too much frustration on my mind, Can't seem to sympathize with the decision made, Wilson not charged, no justice served, he's free, Mike is dead,
PARDON ME, for holding my opinion strong.
If a black man is shot and no white people are around to see it, will justice be served? If the shooter is white, does it matter who was around to see it?
Why should I change..
Why should I change..
Blacks being killed like we have no Self worth or even meaning  But how can i expect the whites to respect us when we act so demeaning  Killing EACH OTHER like  that other person didnt have a reason to live 
I see something wrong with the fact that From the time we are young we are instealed with our parents view toward the police From the time we are young we know how the police view us 
They control who they kill, but they don't give us a reason
Ameica is the land of the free Home of the brave But how can we be brave How can we be free? If walking down a street Means you need to bleed Where are the free? Because since all live in fear
Hands up  Don't shoot Hands up Don't shoot My fallen brothers my lost sistas
I am a white girl I am privledged I need not fear if the police will kill me for walking down the street But even though I'm white I know that black lives matter When the news tells lies
A boy shot in the street A cop with a gun Six witnesses and hard evidence Darren Wilson is given paid leave rather than put behind bars Ferguon is called a riot area As they block off any reports
Tears fall from the eyes of his mother Another black boy the victim of a senceless murder we teach or boys not to join gangs or sell drugs You can be more than a thug
Protect and Serve These are the words  Of the men who swore To potect us Not Kill and enslave And dreadfully maim The people around us   To keep the peace
Oh tell me why Such a tragedy has foretaken just like that, It has left the country shaken I need an answer Why did you shoot a poor boy? He didn't carry a gun He didn't run
When you think about it....  OUR people have always been treated badly, for many reasons I know and I don't know.  Webact a certain way to be downgraded by people who can't even give us RESPECT. 
  Another black man has fallen victim to the hands of the white man   If you can, look past the smoke, deafen yourself to the screams and shouts   Can you see the hate?  Up there, just drifting just above the fiery slate.
Guns, violence, fear, mistrust, No Justice What happen to eqaulity and safety  in  America We recite land of the free  while my fellow brothers are getting shot
Hey! This is a poem that I wrote describing the unfair economic system in America and how I feel being a woman of color in the USA and the daughter of refugees.
Wolves feed their sheep boot heels Fatten them up and make them weak Wolves have the power The sheep have their fate To be devoured When a sheep gets too fat From boot heels The sheep feels weak
  The hill of dirt is a volcano of small spackles of red lava, The sting is a fresh memory of all who have experienced the burn, The pain is still fresh The bitter anger still prominent.
  Those Negro Boys Now you see, I know something about them Negro boys, The ones who don’t do nothing but sell weed and drugs,
We want to see these black boys fly Cops rather see these black boys die Unarmed, non voilent, minding theirs
My skin was brown , I got on the ground .  I complied but you shoot two rounds .   My name was Michael Brown .   
When will we go to clarity and get out out of confusion. Grasping the preceptions of ourselves based on the media's illusions.
How are we suppose to speak out for what's right When it seems as if to peacefully protest is denied So we haven't had the right?   To see past color was a dream A vision past down by a king
How are we suppose to speak out for what's right When it seems as if to peacefully protest is denied So we haven't had the right?   To see past color was a dream A vision past down by a king
 Innocent: not responsible for or directly involved in an event yet suffering its consequences.  
We only got one time, our life is defined Behind eyes of the man whose never had blood on his hands. They teach us virtues in class, but tell us to stab each other in the back when the time comes and there's only one spot open.
The last time I did something for myself was last night cause I went to sleep like a zombie I climbed into bed
We only got one time, our life is defined Behind eyes of the man whose never had blood on his hands. They teach us virtues in class, but tell us to stab each other in the back when the time comes and there's only one spot open.
I'm not just scared for me, I'm scared for my brother and my nephews. I'm scared that this world we live in will never give them the chance to reach their potential because they are black men in America.
Racism will never die. You’re a fool if you think it will. Ferguson is an outcry,
White Policeman Armed Dark Skinned Teenager Unarmed Racism Kills Again  
Where are we going?
"Texas is the greatest state." -Some Texan "Florida is the only place to live." -Some Floridian
Our eyes were once open, and now are closed shut.   At that moment we got the notion that our freedom was stolen a problem arose.  
What is it like being Black?
 Has anyone noticed our world today? A world where violence is on the rampage, And the news portrays death day after day.
Scary Magicians/New Generation   Black Top Hat Cheap products Fooling me Making me take my eyes off the true problems Imaginations, sweet Candies and gummies Chips and Alcohol on every corner
I can only imagine What it's like to be Watched. Feared. Seen as a threat. When I walk, When I drive, When I go to school. Never knowing
What is happening to our country? A false image of justice, freedom, and democracy How can we be any better than Russia, China, or even slavery?   Racism, Hatred, manipulation It's all still there
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