The Melting Pot is Boiling Over

        "Liberty and Justice for All", 

or so they say.

  These words seldom ring truthfully 

        Every time

  I try to love my nation

Another black teenager shot dead in the street,

Another hispanic father seperated from his loved ones,

Another family destroyed by the 'greatest country in the world'


   This is not the world we fight for,

People continue to discriminate 

   Blind Hatred

 The reason why women earn a fraction of a man's pay

 The reason why the impoverished stay impoverished

 The reason why a teenager of color must look over his shoulder for the man with the badge


   When will we reach a point,

where humanity can harmonize?

I ask not for a color blind society, but the contrary.

        I ask for a society who can love all cultures,

  For there is a difference between acknowledgement, and discrimination

a difference between appreciation, and hatred

                   I ask for society to evolve.







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