I need not fear the police

I am a white girl

I am privledged

I need not fear if the police

will kill me for walking

down the street

But even though I'm white

I know that black lives matter

When the news tells lies

We need to be able to film the truth

I am white

But I know that 

Even if their skin is dark

They are human too

When black people are killed

Most do not question

But we need to stand up

To open our eyes

And seek answers ourselves

I am white

If I was killed

by a police officer

They would investigate

They would say

¨She was such a sweet girl¨

But if I was black

They would ignore it

They would say 

¨She came from a troubled home

Probably had it coming


I may be white

But at least I know we are all human

We should all be able to

Have the same rights

and stand united

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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