Let the Walls Fall

Break down

Shimmer and crumple

Let them glide with a stride so perplex

As men begin to withstand the precocious

Demands of his brethren


Let the people speak

After centuries of being battered and beaten

Their voices should rumble with a vengeance unlike any other

Let the civil wars begin

For the Civil Rights Era has rule upon us

Because rights are only right when you are white

And your color matches those of the wretched oppressor


Let the buildings shake with thunder

As the rumble and roar of history becomes our present day

And awful future

They say let freedom reign

But I say let the madness, chaos, and anger

Be seen,


And Reviled

Disillusionment prevail in a society

Plague with laughter

Of the suffering of its keepers

Of the blood soaked fingers of its builders,

Welders, creators, innovators, leaders and musicians

These people who engineered the heart of a society and nation

Of these people who placed this country on a map

So large and revered


Let the walls drop

Because they represent coercion

As they are the container that holds all else inside

These people's freedom is condemned behind these walls

All of their dignity held

By the century cruelty

These white masked beings dominating presence always to be felt

Their hands clasped on the backs of these people

Both the convicted and innocent doomed to a lifetime warranty sentence of harassment


And we stand in protest as our fated judgments have yet to wilt through the years

We stand as young vibrant men’s faces turn from laughter of the pure joy of youth

To the melted sour scowl of persecution

Their failure is of a failure of a nation

 Their tears is made from the sweat of their countrymen

So I say let the walls tumble

And let the pieces fit where they may

We live in dark times,

Although not everything that is dark is bad

Everything that wrong lies in the shadow

As the new day appears

These other things and half-truths reside in an unconscious place

Let this place become wakeful

Open, eyes open

Let us watch from the mountain tops

As the world burn gold and red and yellow


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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