I need an answer


Oh tell me why

Such a tragedy has foretaken

just like that,

It has left the country shaken

I need an answer

Why did you shoot a poor boy?

He didn't carry a gun

He didn't run

He was far too young

He was destroyed


Was it because of his race?

Because he was black?

He was a boy, he didn't talk back

I need an answer

Nobody's sayin'

Who shot this poor boy

and why? Why was he taken?


He was left in his blood for 12 hours

The riots in the streets

We just want answers

I need an answer

that isn't some feedback

That isn't something none will understand

Something to feed us

To bring us round

Who was the man who shot this boy down?


No one knows his killer, or thinks the victims name

His name was Michael Brown

a boy of 18

who died on the streets that day

And why?

I need an answer

That's all I'm asking

I need an answer, for the one you gave me's lacking.

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