heroes. we used to believe we could see them everywhere, 

in our parents, our policemen, our bestfriends,

we used to believe they were nothing but real, 

in movies and on the news we'd watch over and over again.


we used to think they would come from anywhere

if danger ever arose, my friend,

but as time silently passed by

we became the ones that wouldn't even pretend.


heroes. they slowly became our enemies,

see it was easy to believe they wouldn't ever rot

and wouldn't ever let us die in this wretched world 

but this was all a lie, was it not?


we can now begin to cease

our childish dreams that have become

nothing more and nothing less than 

a slowly decaying dream drowned in whiskey and rum.


now i have a message to all "heroes"

please don't shoot us down,

don't let us believe in this great injustic

don't let your people drown.



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