Negro Boys


Those Negro Boys

Now you see,

I know something about them Negro boys,

The ones who don’t do nothing but sell weed and drugs,

They usually stay in poverty stricken neighborhoods,

Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Even good old Illinois

They listen to  thug music, and always be making noise

Yea I know something about them Negro boys.

Negros are the root of all evil,

Especially in America,

Negros do not prevail

Negros Steal, Negros Kill, and Negros are illiterate

Especially those Negro males.

Now I’m not a racist,

I just tell it how it is.

I guess you can call me a realist.

So when I see those Negro boys,

I get out my white and black car,

A car that represents America, justice, and joys,

 I get out of that

And then I ask them who they are

,I kind of already know ,They are the negro boys,

And one of them  reached in his pocket, So I pulled out my black gun,

And bam,

The other Negro boy said it was just a toy,

But oh well No more Negro boys.


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