Speak To Me

Speak to me,

as blood rushes up your throat.

Force the words,

don’t let your essence go.

Hold onto me, we’ll make it out of this mess,

Get up, walk just a few more steps.

Don’t blackout now, there’s no time to rest,

I’m trying to save you, I know your energy’s spent.

I know you love your mother,

it will no longer be a secret kept.

Sit still, let me reach into the depths,

as I hear your skin rip and stretch

finding the bullet I cannot fetch.

Don’t let

me go.


Speak to me,

“Where am I?”

We’re in the hospital,

you’re alive.

But there’s always something,

always something.

Complications during the surgery,

you’re not going to make it any further see,

I got your family,

Man, this is slowly stabbing me,

but they can’t bear to see the damages,

that it’s just a few hours before you’re vanishing.


Speak to me,

so tired of your gravestone giving me no reply.

I promise that you’re always in mind,

and my heart you shall forever remain in mine.

It wasn’t your time, it was too soon,

I’m sorry I couldn’t have protected you, you buffoon.

I’d catch the bullet and throw it back

if it meant that this distortion of reality would slap

me and let me it was messing around.

Your voice, I miss the sound.



Speak to me!

How could you, the all-powerful oblige acceptance?

I will not let anyone mistake you for anything else

but utter incompetence.

This is why you don’t hold my faith.

Bring him back, show me his face

as he laughs and yells and speaks.

Who am I kidding?

You’re just a figure in a dream

with no power to bring my beloved friend

back to me.

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