Black boy Fly


My People talk as if we still are free, the media scoping and molding our mentality. So before we go on with our wrath of the black attack, lets bend back and try to scrape the shiny targets off of our backs. Jordan, Trayyvon, and Mike killed, the killers walk free. 16 year old black boy offs a dog, he gets 23 years of life in prison, so before we keep dissing and killing our own, let's examine the enemy's mission. Disunity, conquer, murder, blind us with viral videos of Bobby Shmurda and ice bucket challenges. The real challenge is clearing the muck from our eyes and realizing our situation. This very nation was built on the backs of blacks and even in 2015, we can't see our chains. We are programmed for self destruction, judgement comes prematurely via goverment.  

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My country
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