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All I ask is to be respected, I will not be neglected, you're surprise of an uprise of people acting reckless, years of peace and protest why we still feel helpless, the leaders who promoted peace, became decease, now what does that say Gandhi, Malcolm, and MLK, more injustice and it hasn't been a day, I might as well start an army with Mr Little, Huey Newton, and Cassius Clay

rebel arms, he showed you his palms, you attacked in alarm, don't you dare tell me to remain calm, you let it pass like if it wasn't wrong, we refuse to be stuck in silence, why can't peace be given without using violence, how can I respect the authority of a tyrant,

It's been going on for years, why should any of my peers, walk through the community in fear, you're suppose to protect us isn't that why you're here, when will it ever stop, police officers harassing men on NY blocks, citizens looting in blind fury, in Missouri, their were two stories which one do you believe my question to the jury. 

it feels like ever since Trayvon, they continue to throw the shade on, a little boy asking Feb 26, 2012 what happened on that day mom, Riots, Looting, and arsons aren't going to solve a thing. but that's the same reaction after the incident of Rodney king. You see this is history and its constantly being repeated, I refuse to be abuse beaten and mistreated. Or in that case killed, I'm just a college student I have so much to fulfill, like graduating and receiving my degree, starting my career the way I plan it to be, but even as a grown man will I forever be free, 

Don't try to tell me that I don't know what it's like, my people been battling through equality and civil rights for years and we still continue to fight, but as long as we're not alone and we continue to grow well be alright, promoting education and unity amongst us all, we get right back up after each fall, are numbers maybe small, but together we stand tall, all that I am saying is that peace and love conquers all, and it starts with you all, 

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