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  Pain is constant . It’s a comfort of certainty.. Pain keeps you aware . It lingers ... It won’t let you get away . Embrace it .
Sometimes you just need to stand in the rain, Let the moon beams shine on your skin like starlight Feel the water drip down the brim of your nose onto your lips Breathe in the night air and petrichor
For awhile I've been down I hadn't smilied, always a frown I had been depressed My life's a mess, super stressed Used to slit my wrists But now I'm balling up my fists
I was young. We were young, Yet we planned our whole future for when we were adults. We were going into 6th grade, middle school.
Thales found a river running past The poetry of Earth beat fast On whim, the river’s course may change In brilliant prose, the forest strange
My friend, foreshadowing, was telling my future. Picture a fortune teller. Speaking with her mind, hands and such amazing creation of sound, her words were confident. She was confident. But, please, please do not.
Here I am, sitting at this lunch table Looking around, everything seems in its perfect place. Yet, when I look deeper I know it’s not that simple, or stable.
I want to create BE Become the current Ethereal reality No authentic fakery Forget time spent Live in dreams Read in books So in reach   I want to act DO
Putting her on a pedestal makes you a fool. Lust only lasts for so long, so take time for yourself so you don't get stuck in the wrong. Return to your interests instead of what controls you.
 As tall as the clouds to you, yet are small as a pencil to the world.  Smooth to the thought, yet rough to the touch. As Strong as a mountain to man, yet as weak as flower to nature. Shelters, yet destories.
the rose                             that day I saw it a single rose                              for I should have left it there
where do we fit?how can we squeeze?is there more to it or to the universe are we just a sneeze?   I often wonder how often other people pout on the pretty
The meaning of identity  is having a close similarity affinity  identifying oneself to another  idea. To be  or not is no the same  you see to be means
The Liberty Bell ringing loud and clear Is the sound of independence Reminding me that I am free.   The red, white, and blue of Old Glory Waving in the wind Is a symbol of freedom
While sitting in the workshop, I stare. I am not Me; I feel so bare. I am stripped of my courage; Stripped of my life. What role do I have to play later on? Obviously a Laborious wife!
It’s dusk on the hill as the heady sky rotates slowly above, silently aglow with vivid pulsing pink around the edges, like a child’s fingers eclipsing the dying flashlight of the sun.  
This sadness. I feel my chest being crushed ever so slowly. Pushing harder and slower. Farther and lower. My heart throbs like a beating drum before battle.
I'm here to be born. I'm here to learn how to speak. I'm here to learn how to walk. And I'm here to learn not to be weak.   I'm here to listen to music. I'm here to listen to the birds.
To speak but not to be heard.
Shame on you Filter! For hiding my little mole that I have on my left side
I am so very quiet You might not know I am there But I am your listening ear I'm there to hear your problems I hear to show I care Just call my name Tell me your shame And once you're done
Alexis. That is my name.  Many know it. Few get to know me past it.  Shy, quiet, smart is all they see.  Though one cannot blame them. Those three are all they are allowed to percieve. 
Momma always told me "girl you have the most beautifulest eyes." 
The bustle of people, yeah classes are starting again.
Peace. Love. Happiness.  Remsembles all my wants. My 'already haves' sofficated, buried six feet under my soul.
Do You really want to know  who I am?  You want to read my poems so that you Don't  
The connection from mind to
My ears captured the bells from afar. Though my eyes rest,I know exactly where we are. I can feel the throbbing pain, before I even stand. Why must I wear these? Who exactly am I trying to be,
If everyone saw who I really am, I can't, I won't, must hide.
A hushed, resigned, tailor Observed, a noiseless, patient spider spin, Past Apollo's race, With needlework of kin, Our pace pulls in the dawn.  
People should aspire to be themselves Where did the masks get put on Where did this all start The root source will forever be unknown Why are we as humans continuing this tyranny All we have to do is 
The riddles that ring,like the telephones from now and the pastThe dialing of the words that spin in a continuous circle, they always lastAnd when you answerYou want to know why they called
I love the taste of sugar, but your lips taste better You glisten in the sunlight, but I will take you in any weather
Be yourself they say  its ok your no different from the rest  But as soon as you choose to step out the closet Its like your all a mess You cant be different if you have a mindeset  of everybody else
ten thousand bullets headed your way  what do you do? run and have hope you'll make it out alive? or just stand there and wait for the outcome?   the first couple of hits might hurt like hell 
My voice is not loud My voice is not proud And my voice is not like the crowd  
I wonder what would happen if WE. BOUNCE. BACK Like the elasticity of elastic bands being stretched by heavy hands Lassoing nappy strands running amuck like wild stallions We, are wild ones
As I sit down once again, in front of the old computer with the whirring fan My fingers begin to hit the black keys, each one a small click That make an musical orchestra of words  
To be humanity, You must fallow every step, Do as your told, Do this, Do that, To be humanity, Birds must cut off their wings on command, Dogs must die for the nobles, And cats must die when no room is left, To be humanity,
Oh the anguish I feel in my spine Everytime you tell me "You do as I say". Yes, I was in your belly for nine months it seems,  But am I your puppet that you can control as you please?
The dark and lonely atmosphere filled the air
To be heard is to be Waldo, found at last To be heard is to be the smallest person in any given room with the most passion of any given person
I do not speak loud
It hurts, it hurts to know that maybe you don't feel the same way  I do.
It hurts, it hurts to know that maybe you don't feel the same way  I do. I know without a doubt that you care about me, and that you will be there for me.
What do you want to do when you grow up? Fire fighter! Veterinarian! Actress! At a young age we all begin our long journey to finding the right job, As years progress we realize just how important that decision is.
I am from a small city with BIG DREAMS. I am from lost faith and lost hope. I am from pot heads and crack feens.
If you plan to run away Try to tell me that you'll stay Break the dawn like a Ray Say the things you'd never say   With your bow you take your aim Left me with myself to blame.
Have Faith Open your arms wide and smile Perfection is part of refraction Even when you fail, you wont EVER fall!
judging people is never the key so why do people do it? well ill tell you, they do it because they have problems at home or something is wrong with them they want to be
Do not show jealousy in the light of a mischievous mirror For that same mirror will glare back at you in madness.
If you could ask for one thing, what would it be? That was the question asked. Well, I'd pull out my magic lamp and call upon my genie,
I used to be here, Didn't we all. History shows, Powerful nations, Always fall. But we never worry, Never show fear.  Just shake our fists,  And drink a beer. No! Don't cry,
Here i am
Everything is passive, it's temporary The world is so worried about the weight that it just doesn't carry Think about a purpose, it just there Yet if anybody misses out then life just isn't fair
He's not mine to love.
When I sit in your class Concentrating hard, Your goal is aparent, Only to bombard.   Questions then statements,  Rude and nice, Don't tell me to be  "As quiet as those mice".  
  I am insane. Accept it or not. I am not the type to change just for any person. So don’t even try,  Because I will never alter.
Your mother brought you with pride To show for what you really are Don't try to be be someone esle You have every thing you need to succeed
How many times did they tell you you’d never make it. I wrote it down on paper just because I liked how it sounded. And I whispered it to myself, as they burnt the page. The fire burnt my hand. They laughed
Chalkboard Tar Trashcan what do all these things have  in common? There black just like me and you hate it. intergration and diversity is the new reality get used to it.
I love fashion because it is like an extension of my personality and what kind of mood I'm in. It can invite people in and show the softer side of me. Our choice of clothes represent inner desires and emotions which we want to show or hide too.
  Can you look me in the eyes,Without blinking? Can you talk to me,Without speaking? Can you cut the tension,That seems too thick to slice through? So many questions,What will you do?
Where would i be without a pencil and paper, a thought or a rhyme? Where would i be without emotion? Where would i be without poetry? How would i express my life to others without a map of guidance?
Watch an eagle spread wings like silk Untouchable purity against a night sky Until the hunter (some would call him Destiny!) takes aim See the king of the air turned to game
It is my innate right A thing I will Never give to you Why must the demons feel Such strong lust  To control it  To destroy it Without a fight Nobody Should ever give that up 
Does writing it down really make a difference? Carry my voice and my wishes Into the universe Yes Don’t be ashamed To let it all go Trust these words Will keep you safe Your heart
People look at her But they don’t see clearly. She is different for sure, So they overlook her-nearly.
mm this is sweet, amazing to eat and a total treat! I wonder what it could be? its yellow but its not my pee. Its long and hard this is tricky, but its got a peel wippi! can it be an eel? no.. definetaly not steel..
“Life sucks. Then you die.” Said a father to his son The father was bored at the son’s baseball game The father never came to another one Only one vacation to the shore
Take me to the mountains so I don't drown in a wall, Break my heart open so you can see it all, I need a short while to see what’s over that hill, I won’t ever rest unless I can get my fill,
I want a Son I want to witness my baby boy’s birth. I want to show him his promise, his worth.
Remember the light remember the world? Remember the precious little girl? Do you remember the peace we had? Do you remember when we wearn't sad? Do you remember the beautiful blue skys?
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