You will be a Rainbow

Sometimes you just need to stand in the rain,

Let the moon beams shine on your skin like starlight

Feel the water drip down the brim of your nose onto your lips

Breathe in the night air and petrichor

Taste the rain on your lips to remind you

That you are alive

Air is swirling in your lungs

Blood is pumping through your veins

You are alive once again

Never forget it, for someday you won’t be.

Feel the rain on your skin

Like finger tips, far too cold to be living

The pitter patter of the drops hitting the earth

Hear its pulse, like a tiny heart beating

Beating for a life yet to be lived

Tomorrow the rain will bring flowers

Tomorrow the sun will dry the tears

But for now it is raining

For now, no one can see that you are crying

No one knows you are alone in the rain

Drowning, but not from the water

Shivering, but not from the cold

And falling because sometimes

The winds aren’t strong enough to blow away the past

Sometimes you have to be your own thunderstorm

Let the thunder roar from your throat

Let the lightning flash in your heart

Let the rain pour from your eyes

But never forget how strong you are

For when the sun finally returns, you will be a rainbow.

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