judging people is never the key so why do people do it?

well ill tell you, they do it because they have problems at

home or something is wrong with them they want to be

loved and they are scared and alone. i know this beacuse

i used to be judged and then i became a judger its not

a cool thing to do thats why i want to form a club for non

bullying beacuse word do hurt people have killed themselves

over all this mess and there parents are now with out a child

there bestfriends are gone and they blame the person that

judged the innoicent. i believe we should stand up to the bullies

we should all like in peace we should give our all. if you see someone

crying say hey are you okay dont just walk by. just by talking to them and

caring for people can help them from commiting suicide

i have been through this i have seen someone crying there eyes out over

someone ruining there life and all i did was give them a hug and help them walk through it

i reliazed later that the person told me if i hadnt of stopped and just pray for the person she

would have killed herself. i felt so sad and told her to go get help and she acually did she is doing

fine now in college and healthy as ever and yes i may not see her as much but its good

that i was her ANGEL!

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