Some day soon


When I sit in your class

Concentrating hard,

Your goal is aparent,

Only to bombard.


Questions then statements, 

Rude and nice,

Don't tell me to be 

"As quiet as those mice".


Don't tell me things

That you wouldn't say

To your mother, your brother,

Your grandma the same.


Let me be still,

Alone in my studies

Quietly working

By my rambunctious buddies.


Instead encourage

A high GPA

So only then

I will get away.


From your classroom,

Your hallway, 

On my graduation day.


Once I'm in college, 

It'll be oh, so sweet;

To be away

From under your feet.


As soon as you're feeling 

Under the weather

You'll be on my floor

At the drop of a feather.


You see, I'm your nurse

I see you once more 

And ask you "Be quiet" 

Through that open door.


Demanding your meds,

Screaming in pain.

"The sun comes out 

Only after the rain."


Dismissing the noise

I distinctly remember, 

It sticks in my mind

Now until forever.


Being rude,

It never paid

Not even yourself,

I'm really afraid. 


All of your students

In those past years

The good times, the bad times, 

And even the tears.


One lesson you taught me

From your old ways,

Don't ever be rude 

It never pays.



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