Unfortunate Realities

Epitome of stereotypical beauty.
Hair cascading to her waist.
Visage filled with a healthful suffusion. 
Laughter that rings. 
A pillar of a gorgeous women. 
Well-spoken and well-kept. 
Empathy not easily found.
Flaws lurking beneath the illusion. 
A father sinful touch,
Unities tied by hasty hands, 
And children  raised by kids. 
Forced to face the daunting task of rebelling against their kin.
Realities suffocating the possibilities for normality. 
Decisions made that shook this supposed home. 
Future paths laying unknown. 
Finding comfort in pathetic words. 
"Im an adult and will do what i want."
Moral compass clouded by horrific events,
Until once more something shakes the sediments. 
As she dances her daughter weeps and she constantly repeats, 
"Im an adult and will do what i want."
No regards for the please of those who cherish her most.
Request nor demands. 
Advice meant to heal not hinder. 
Drinking toxins and smoking away,
those moments in her life so precious and numbered. 
Three children, one job, one pack a day, and one life.
And yet those words still goo uttered. 
"Im an adult and will do what i want."
Similar to a teen declaring Freedom at the oh so coveted 18. 
Irony spewing from once so perfect seems. 
The same phrase passing through the lips of her own rejected offspring. 
A son so set of self destruction that he mirrors the woman who bore him.
Consequences as tangible ad the soil beneath our feet.
"Im an adult and will do what i want."
Independence as useful to a child stuck in the "mine" phase.  
Obnoxiously parading around while others watch fearful of their own salvation.
How ever beautiful the dance that ends over the cliff. 


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