To Become A Poem


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Thales found a river running past

The poetry of Earth beat fast

On whim, the river’s course may change

In brilliant prose, the forest strange


Confucius, in all his wisdom, made

A millennium of respect conveyed

Poems fill his selfless mind

And build our love for all mankind


Siddhartha found a poet hiding

‘Neath Ficus trees, knowledge guiding

For seven weeks he chased a poem

Uncovered by the earth below him


  Alexander, though his reign was great

An early grave to seal his fate

A poem hiding in the east

Brings knowledge at the very least


Teresa gave away her heart

Working hard to do her part

She chased away their loneliness 

And loved with all her holiness


Mandela saw the black and white

A poem used to win the fight

Locked away for ages more

Love comes forth despite the war


Gandhi’s journey to the sea

In meditation, spirits free

A quest for independent choice

He gave a billion people voice


Malala fought a madman’s gun

Education was the prize she won

The way she spoke was poetry

Opened up our eyes to see


Poems cling to folds of time

Even when they do not rhyme

Emotions taught through careful word

I have learned to see the world


I have studied Thales’ wit

Confucius sense of great spirit

Siddhartha show’s an eight-fold path

Alexander’s Grecian wrath


Poetry exists outside our words

It floats with the wings of birds

It guides us in our everyday

Molding greatness out of clay


The people who are written down

Have poems in them, all around

Their pen may never touch the paper

But actions make their poems greater


Poetry has taught me

To be

To open up, let greatness in

To mold myself and then begin


To sit by rivers’ running banks

To respect my elders and give thanks

To meditate and love the earth

To learn, and love, and know my worth


To challenge limits, but show respect

To notice who my love affects

To be a voice when others can’t

To fight for knowledge until I pant


Poetry has created me

Into who I want to be

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