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First, above all else; I hope you are well. I hope you are happy And cared for And maybe even loved The way I was meant to love you The way I wanted to love you The way I would have loved you
You know, I wrote a poem about Tuesday’s once upon a time It wasn’t a happy poem It wasn’t a sad poem either If anything it was a disgruntled poem A poem about how Tuesday’s are the worst day of the week
They're those who are screeming to be heard  And many even dreaming to no longer be abhorred  Wishing if only someone would stop or pause, to eventually understand them
What have we done in this life? How many marvels can we claim? If none, then why, but if not then, how? Would we even know it if we did?   How many people have I helped? How many more have I hurt?
My darling, You make broken look beautiful. And tears look like crowns. The shards of your heart. Are a weapon, no doubt. You don't have to protect it. Muscle battered and torn.
Life is a long journey It can take you anywhere One day we feel loved The next we don't
Art is Inspiring  By Ashley Rissmiller  Art is inspiring!  Art flows from the creative mind.  The poet… The painter…  The dancer…  The musician… The actor… The dreamer…  
I love you. How can a phrase that small make someone's day, or month, or year.
The girl with silky smooth hair The girl with a messy bun  The girl with no hair at all She is in all of us    The girl with designer clothes  The girl who wears hand me downs
You were wildfire. Someone lit you and left you to burn. So when i came along, Your ashes and flaming embers, landed upon my skin and ignited me. Your smoke wafted into my lungs
I loved her, she said I convinced Her otherwise  That broke my heart  Was she my sweetheart?   I’m not sure.. Do I still love her now? Of course I do, but I was a fool
Boy joy I love you all Haters losers and bald headed dolls Sexy maxi taco won't melt Caughing in my coffin I must have benched Swing around da posy all these hoses nosy
  Did you see her? Did you admire her?   Did think that she notices you? Did you believe that she loved true?   If that happened, you'd be considered the hero
Step up to the mic Testing one, two, three Center stage everyone  Wait, but there are no people to see   All of a sudden a voice is heard “Look around my dear” So I do, I see nothing, so I reply
Love is a sin for the ones who enjoys pain. Constant boxed up emotions like a presents that`s locked and sealed
they say follow your heart but i dont know which piece to follow im trapped in this cage that you left me in   i heard you found someone new her name is chloe is that right?
What if dying isn't deathIf when we leave this world… The weight of it is simply off our chest When we take that final breath
I am thankful for the breath in my lungs. The fact that I am alive. I have lived 17 years and still have many left.  I am thankful that I am still living...that the suicide attempts were failures. 
To whom it may concern: No one knows your name. And why should they? What have you done in life to earn respect, love, to make your mark? Nothing. And you never will.
Because I loved you, I felt worthless Because I loved you, I saw myself surrounded by darkness when you were supposed to be my light Because I loved you, I saw blood on my hands instead of your fingers between mine
I love you. I love the way I hurt all the time. I love the way you make me feel like breaking down. I love it when you say you love me, but don’t show me.
Because I loved you I thought she didn’t matter. Her feelings weren’t real, It was just you and me. When you left me strained  In an unfamiliar train station  I was scared.
Laughter is all I hear. I hear the cruel whispers as I walk down the hall. I can hear you.   I can hear their silent voices, smirking at the girl who walks -
 I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get so sick! When I was young, I had no idea, I would be sick, all I knew, is I wanted to be playing SUE and BETTY With my sister LOL the grown-up game, when I was nine.
Not a word they saidUnspoken words hung aboutPain inside but smiling withoutShe said goodnightAnd away she wentHe asked her to stayTo explain why she leftBut inside she was simply falling apartFeeling nothing is not what they sayNothing is so much
You always smile You manage to push out a laugh Your green eyes never hold hate in them Your goal was to always make people smile You made my world a better place Me I fought all the people who tired to help
This poem isn't about depression.This poem isn't about a confession.This isn't a sad poem.This isn't another one of my Ho hums.
To be perish from existents The memory will be held in morbid As the day goes by it became like the widow of the window Everyday gone by it felt like I was on fire Burning my soul away, only to suffer
the words just flowed  out of me around me so real I could actually see the words that came from inside me  not good, not great, not even okay  but still a part of me that demands to be seen
false  too confused to know the truth lost but what was lost, was it you? who I don't recognize   when did I lose you was it when you shouted? or when you laughed?
"The girl that on one sees A season she can't control  Pent up emotion she cannot free This time it's taking it's toll Down on bended knee Not freely these tears roll The breaking burning plea
"Thought she was alone And still she prayed Her hurt reached further than her bones And still she stayed   Her mind can't handle control Instead she gave Through Him her love would reach a world 
Upon a golden hill Sat a golden bird With a golden wing Did it cry ‘bout the pain a Broken wing’ll bring   Upon the 7th noon Of the 7th month Sat a fair young man.
A little seed planted Trying to find its way   A seed taken for granted Lost, alone, led astray   Now comes the Gardener To reap what He has sown   A Gardener with a purpose
A boulder lying over your entire existence leaving an impression impression, indentions from scars scars from giving in after trying so hard hard to breathe under the weight on your shoulders
The lens of her minds eye is tinted  
Okay take it, Wait Hold on just one second.
Accorfing to my makers, my mom and my dad, I am a blessing,most beautifully made They asked God for me and their dream  came true. A little girl that was all  they wanted.
I am flawless because i am forgiven Washed to purity By love that wrote eternity A sinner declared saved I will never be betrayed I am loved by Him And when I fail He forgives again
I am not a perfect angel
I have two cats One Black and One Gray One scratches and one plays
1: My doors closed shut without any mercy to let free me.
This girl has got me tongue tied 
My mind is sense, it keeps me safe. My heart is passion, it beats it breaks. My mind and heart are always challenged My heart and mind are never balanced.   My mind “thinks” and “ticks” and makes its lists
Little brother walks in the
I met some folks at work today. It was my first day at the job. A fellow staff gave me some keys Then turned to fill out paperwork. Now I can unlock chemicals, But how can I unlock a heart?
Pretty little thing
 As I watch the sun come up each dawn; As I watch it set each afternoon;
  You stole my heart and you know what?
What I Would Change An Original Poem by Julianne Kuzmanovic   There’s a lot in this world That just needs fixin’! The economies, the governments, their laws,
I am beautiful. I am bold. I am powerful. I am courageous. Why? I don't deserve these adjectives. I am not always them. I am weak. I have issues. I don't belong here.
My quote is from the song “Coming Down” written by the hard rock band Five Finger Death Punch.
Theres a reflection, one you cant stand, when people see you all they can say is ugly, fat, waste, liar,fake but they are wrong,  put down the razor, Can you not see your beauty?
I smile in the mirror, I see something wrong. I have pimples, My hair is damaged, My mouth is too long. I say to myself: You're ugly, You're not loved. But I heard much different,
It hurts so badCause all I wantIs to be loved My heart is breakingAnd I move awayBecause I can't take this... Can I have one more kiss?
Praying, Bible reading, being with a friend Enjoying family, going to church with a God that has no end Riding a horse, enjoying the barn Managing a garden north of the farm Watching a sunrise and sunset bloom
My daughter, I created you perfectly the way you are Why are you trying to change that? I made you blonde, Not brunette, I gave you blue eyes, Not green
The roads are dark, lost in direction.  No way to turn, my path is lost-- I can’t see, where is the Light?  Turn right, turn left, I do not know?  Wherever I go, I cannot see. My heart pounds, it’s so dark!
The ring glistened in the light above/ telling all just how to love/ once just meant for show and fashion/now presents this love and passion//  The woman owning this precious ring/ was quite big into helping/ a caring heart for all she sees/ an op
The words unspoken between me and you, They have the same depth as a city pool. I wait and wait as time flies bye, Thinking about a life full of memories that you left behind.
I been hated, I been loved but most of all i been hurt. I have felt the sting of hate the embrace of love and the burn of heartache. The pain that last an eternity and feels like a knife.
A mirage upon the endless sands The heat whispering for you to sleep Your body slows to the movement of the timid wind The will to survive has vanished like the waters
as i look upon my heart i notice all the deviations some of which were mine to start others were miscreated
Watching the sunset  And I began to feel empty, ... tortured and drained and even a bit of envy.  Tears well in my eyes  And I can no longer control  these emotions that have been put on hold. 
My paradise My sanctuary My place of saving When all else is lost A confusing mess An sweet escape From the brainwashing And self-harm The confusion I feel When you make me feel
To travel alone, Through a lonely desert. Everywhere you look, Dunes of sand. No one to share your company, No one to stand by your side. Tis a lonely world, this world can be.
From the birth One was looked at as unusual weird, not normal But why the eye deceives one to judge Not of what you know but of what you see Its hard when your trying to be Not like he or she But to be you
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