No good. Know good

"Thought she was alone

And still she prayed

Her hurt reached further than her bones

And still she stayed  

Her mind can't handle control

Instead she gave

Through Him her love would reach a world 

Still in mistrust and pain

There was more but things got cold

When trust was needed they got fate

Needed help to dig out of the hole 

Wipe clean this sin filled slate 

Can't cover up the throne

Hurt so much they lost their hate

They weren't scared but instead were bold

The devil has lost his bate 

Their tears hit cold stone

Because they knew they were not saint's 

Thought they were done,until they were shown

A pretty picture God will paint

Now Gods children they do pray

To him the Lord so bright

A safty line that cannot fray

As my God will hold you tight."

This poem is about: 
Our world



sorry this one isn't as good to me,

though i thought someone out there might enjoy it~Seawolf

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