It Was All Fake

Thu, 01/10/2019 - 04:28 -- Bernael

I loved her, she said I convinced

Her otherwise 

That broke my heart 

Was she my sweetheart?


I’m not sure..

Do I still love her now?

Of course I do, but I was a fool

To think anything of it.

We used to hold hands 

But was any of it real to her?

Or was it all just a burr? 


I’m not sure anymore..

I was just a pond 

She could use her little wand

And I’d do as she said 

Only because I was a pond

And I would respond.


She said it was hard to 

Admit that she ever cared

But all those nights when we shared..

I guess I’m just a bit visually impaired

Because I couldn’t see that it was all fake

It’s like that day there was an 

Outbreak of



She said it was hard to admit that

She cared about the relationship,

But why tell me that you love me?

Was it just to reassure yourself,

That maybe it would count for something?

If you just said “I love you” 

But if you never cared, then why say it at all?

I guess it’s my downfall for even caring,

For feeling and now 

You’re leaving 

Because I’m bleeding and

That makes me unappealing.


It’s fine, 

Like you said,

Don’t get attached to people,

Because they’ll hurt you in the end.

Well I’ll take your advice now..


But just one last thing..



That we went through..

I still love you..


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