Pain-ed Love

Fri, 06/29/2018 - 18:42 -- MaiVc

Love is a sin for the ones who enjoys pain.

Constant boxed up emotions like a presents that`s locked and sealed

It will never see the light for it is too bright to bare... 

Skin so smooth, unfortuate glances are now walking me down stairs leading to my solitude


Love is a sin for the ones who enjoys pain. 

Knocked and punched... internal bruising is nothing more... turned away...

Other directions means other perspectives which implies my friend ignorance!

Unbareable... Unwanted... Uncalled for my tears....!


Love is a sin for the one`s who enjoys pain.

Smiles are uncommon, joyful nothings` is a burren... not yet.. no!

Emotions are twisted like a twister landing on me baring nothing but beautiful disaster..

fucck..I don`t know...but I remain angered, for not because of love itself...


Love is a sin for me and I enjoy the pain.

LOVE wants me to live another day... and if it fails, it WANTS me to wait for it to get up.

It`s Loves way of saying... hold on because although it hurts... I am never leaving your side!

Love hugs me when I am afraid at night... tucks me in bed when no one else does


Love is a sin for me and I enjoy that pain!

Love wants me to be smart and successful more than my own mind believes I`ll be

However, love remains a two way street. I motivate love to be stronger than any glue on this planet..

Stronger than the pull that holds the galaxy together called gravity


Love is a sin for me and I need that pain!

For it is I who craves that pain because unlike anything it makes me human

When I feel sadness and anger tugging at my side, pulling my arm 

Love would remind me that there is two sides to every coin.


Love glances at me and says...

Stick by me... because I am ALL that you feel and need.. and without me...

Everything that`s been done will be forgotten and Nothing is going to be remembered

Pain wouldn`t exist... and neither will YOU, neither will ME!




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