Though I loved

What have we done in this life?

How many marvels can we claim?

If none, then why, but if not then, how?

Would we even know it if we did?


How many people have I helped?

How many more have I hurt?

Is someone alive because of me?

Or is someone not? Who’s fault?


Would we even want to know the truth?

Or would it be too hard to handle

Too much for our minds to bear

Perhaps we’ll never know


I have regrets, though I tried to avoid them

There are things I wish I’d done

And others I wish I hadn’t

Though I loved


I’d like to think that I too was loved

But we never really know do we?

Never really sure our feelings are shared

Though we pray they are


Oh how we pray, for peace.

For an end to the pain or for love

Some say it’s better to love and lose than to have never loved at all, though I loved.


Tomorrow was never a promise

Though I often pretend that it is

I make plans as if I have control

Control of the chaos swirling around us


But no one does

No one can stop the clock

No one can take back their footsteps

Though I loved

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