What I Would Change


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What I Would Change

An Original Poem by Julianne Kuzmanovic


There’s a lot in this world

That just needs fixin’!

The economies, the governments, their laws,

Are all just one trial-and-error flop after another!

But no one can help that,

If Superman was real,

Even he couldn’t do that!


But if there was one thing that I could change,

I would make one thing in this world disappear.


This state of want is the human characteristic

That has caused so much despair and hate in the past.

Take Greed out of the equation of the human being

And what do you have left?

Every person is fed.

Every person is clothed.

Every person is sheltered.

Every person is accepted.

Every person is loved.

Every person can live, and no one will die…

Is this true?

Can casting Greed into the Endless Abyss,

The Belly of the Kraken,

A Blackhole, for goodness’ sakes,

Take away all of humanity’s problems?

Food for thought…



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