Broken Hearted Wounded...


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as i look upon my heart
i notice all the deviations
some of which were mine to start
others were miscreated

i was born with a hole the size of the son
in the middle of my heart and its all my fault
traced back to my ancestors who started it all
and now im incomplete and life's lost it's fun

like a tinker toy boy
ive tried filling that hole
with every imaginable joy
and every pleasure known

but like a star to a triangle
if it doesnt fit then it wont
so i look for a new shape
a new pleasure to call home

ive tried cutting and ive tried drinking
both just make the hole worse than before
if i ever find the shape that fits
it better fit completely and even more

ive filled my hole in the darkness
with drugs, sex, lust and things
but all i feel is a hardness
that brings me to my knees

ive looked far and even deep within
but nowhere have i come to find
the piece that fills me in
and im running out of time

so many of my friends, family and even strangers
are walking around wounded
with no idea of the danger

i try to show them the bloody hole in their hearts
but because of their pride
it just rips them further apart

just like a puzzle
we are all interconnected
people helping others
keeps us alive in dependence

because doing it by myself
ive spent so much time in vain
i could of used to be of help
to somone who i didnt know their name

ive been through hell and back
in this life enough for five
ive got all the scars to prove it
besides im still alive

they say god is infinite
then could he be the one
big enough to fill my heart
my missing piece of the son?

ive broken myself to pieces
can he see every one of them?
and put me back together
will he want to be my friend

ive done so many things
that torment me through the nights
regret and remorse double team me
and im afraid to turn out the light

im dissatisfied with who i am
who ive let myself become
can you be my way out
you loving sacrificial lamb?

ive been told things about you
that i dont know are true or not
will you show me what your like
and i'll give you all ive got?

im not much good at living
maybe you can teach me how
to be the one whose giving
food to the homeless when it's cold

some people call you daddy
but my own was murdered young
i was only two years old
my life not even begun

i dont know what its like
to have a father there for me
can you show me how it's right?
because deep down i really want this

your all i have left
please come quickly to my side
jesus become my rescuer
so i can be your bride

youve done the most it's true
for me and ive earned nothing
but youve given me your life
and all you ask is "trust me?"

your invisible how can i trust what i cant see?
is their proof to your book
that's written verse by verse honestly?

if your god then your all powerful
never is anything not in your control
i bow to you in hakuna matata
and i ask you jesus to fill your role

in my life and in my heart
where only you belong
please be my words when i have not
and my teacher when im wrong?

this is a prayer of reality
from me to you, from others
please gently love my frailty
as only you can do


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