Theres a reflection,

one you cant stand,

when people see you all they can say is

ugly, fat, waste, liar,fake

but they are wrong,

 put down the razor,

Can you not see your beauty?

Is there a mirror in front of you in your times of beauty,

when you are laughung

can you see your reflection?

Stop wishing you were someone else,

stop wishing you were gone,

you are loved by many,

you were made to be you,

no one else.

Can you see that?

Can you see that you are beautiful.

You dont need anyones approval,

You dont need to make anyone happy.

You are the one that matters.

So pick your head up,

You are worth it.

Throw away those pills,

Wipe away those tears,

all those judgements are forgotten,

forget that reflection,

make a new one

one that shows how strong,

beautiful, and independent you are,

use those scars as a reminder that you were strong,

that you are strong,

that you got through it,

that you will get through it,


you are loved.




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