A boulder lying over your entire existence

leaving an impression

impression, indentions from scars

scars from giving in after trying so hard

hard to breathe under the weight on your shoulders

shoulders turned, glances getting colder

colder, like your heart because no one seems to care

care like you do for everyone but yourself

yourself, the person that you've come to hate

hate, because of your past, shortcomings or weight

weight, still pushing you down

down, where you always seem to be

"be happy," they say but they don't understand

understand what that means

means to people who can't

can't do it on their own because it's just too hard

hard to lift a boulder thats crushing your heart

heart, that's what you have, use it for good, not for the bad

bad thoughts that encase your mind, push them out, make some time

time for yourself, do things you love

love yourself because you're worth so much more

more than you'll ever know

know you're loved

loved by many

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