I am sorry, I didn't mean to get sick

 I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get so sick! When I was young, I had no idea, I would be sick, all I knew, is I wanted to be playing SUE and BETTY With my sister LOL the grown-up game, when I was nine.  I didn't know then, that my body was Doomed to be sick When I was 16 All I wanted to do was model and sing, and modeling and singing I did. Yet I still didn't know how sick I was going to be  when I wed at 20 I saw a white picket fences and Daffodil's. white shutters on the windows, children playing outside  I never meant to get so sick  At 25, it was so divine I was about to give love to something about to be mine. Oh what joy.  I never knew I was going to get sick.  At 49, I became a grandma oh what joy we will have when this bundle of joy arrives . How my life has changed because of this little handsome boy of mine.  Oh, now is is not the time to be sick  As I sit here watching my blue-eyed boy I know he does not understand just how sick I am nobody does. I'm so sad to know that, I have just a few more years, to spend with my handsome blue eyed boy  my time with him, to explain just how sorry I am.  I didn't mean to get so sick by Rhonda Loiselle


This poem is about: 
My family


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